Edmonton Locksmith - Rekeying & Key Cutting Services

There is nothing much more frustrating than to be locked out of your home or business. If that has happened to you recently - it may be time for you to get new locks - or additional keys.

Do you have a hard time getting your key to work properly? One thing many people don't understand is that keys can wear out - and some keys weren't made properly in the first place. If the key to your home or office doesn't work the first time, or if you have to struggle to get it to unlock your door, it may not have been made with the exactness that is needed for most locks.

At All Lock Rescue, we're available to help you with emergency lockout services, car key replacements (commercial keys, house keys, and automotive keys) as well as security upgrades.

Worn Out or Broken Locks Leave you Susceptible to Break-ins

House Key Cutting

Whether you are moving into a new home and you need to have spare keys made for your family and friends, or you simply need a couple of spares to keep you from getting locked out, All-Lock Rescue can help! Recently changed your locks? We cut new spares for your updated locks. We can also provide you with newly cut keys if your house keys have been damaged or worn down.

Meet with an Edmonton Locksmith to Get New Home Locks

Car Key Cutting

Getting your automotive keys cut may seem like a daunting task, especially if you have one of the higher tech keys and fobs. Luckily, All-Lock Rescue has trained technicians that specialize in all automotive key cutting. There's no need to pay the high cost for a spare key or replacement key at a dealership - our car key cutting services will get you the right key to get you back in your car!

Worn Out or Broken Locks Leave you Susceptible to Break-ins

Car Key Replacement

You lost your car keys… again or maybe you broke your key in your car door and now you need a new automotive key. We offer automotive locksmith services in Edmonton that include car key replacements (creating new keys and rekeying keys). Since majority of newer vehicles no longer use simple mechanical keys, we can also replace your transponder key in addition to regular automotive keys.


We have been proud to serve the people of Edmonton for over two decades. We take pride in our inventory and the service we provide. For all of your key and lock needs - call or visit All-Lock-Rescue, Edmonton's specialists in keys, locks and safes.