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A handyman repair the door lock in the room

Reliable Residential Locksmith Services in Edmonton

One of the most important aspects of your home’s security is the door locking system. All-Lock-Rescue Ltd offers residential locksmith services in Edmonton and ensures your door locks and keys are in proper working condition. Our experienced and skilled locksmiths can check your locks and keys regularly to see if they need maintenance or replacement. 

A common problem faced by our clients is being locked out of the house with the keys inside or misplaced. In situations like these, our locksmiths can cut a new key for you. Additionally, we offer home safes so you can securely store your valuables worry-free. We offer 24-hour emergency services so if you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to call us!

Slightly opened wooden door with group of modern keys

Residential Locks

Top-quality door locks and properly installed locking systems are the first line of defence against intruders and home invaders. All-Lock-Rescue Ltd has experienced locksmiths who can provide maintenance, repair and replacement of your home locking systems. Additionally, we offer high-quality residential locks that can be installed according to your requirements. Some of the home locking systems we offer include: 


  • Schlage AL series residential locks 

  • Weiser deadbolts and handles

Woman asking locksmith to make a key copy

Residential Keys

Don’t trust your house key-cutting to an amateur. Keys that are cut inappropriately can damage your locks. We offer professional key-cutting services and can provide replacement keys or duplicate keys on request. If you hide your spare keys in obvious places like under the doormat or in a fake rock, start hiding them in less obvious places like in a flower bed away from your door or in your BBQ setup. 

Woman hand opens a safe
  • UL-listed relocking device for extra security.

  • Drill-resistant steel hard plate protects the combination lock.

  • Vertical and horizontal bolts resist prying.

  • Bolt-O-Matic door guard automatically extends the bolts when the door is closed.

Home Safes

Finding the right safe for your valuables can be hard. The experts at All-Lock-Rescue Ltd can help you choose the right safe for your needs. We have quality options built with electronic locks, drill-resistant steel plates and combination locks. Get a large inventory of options and safes in various sizes suited to your requirements. One of the options we provide is the FireKing Dauntless fire and burglary-resistant safe. Some features include: ​

  • UL-rated Group II combination lock is standard with over 1,000,000 combinations.

  • The optional electronic lock automatically locks the safe when the door is closed.

  • Adjustable ball-bearing hinges for smooth operation.

  • Seven different sizes with inner capacity ranging from 1.4 to 18 cubic feet.

Personal items in the hotel room near the safety deposit box

Need a Secure Home Safe?

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