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Complete Commercial Locksmith Services in Edmonton

Safety and security from intruders are of utmost importance for a business owner. Don’t wait till you lose valuable items due to faulty locks. All-Lock-Rescue Ltd provides commercial locksmith services in Edmonton. Our professional locksmiths can repair, maintain and replace your locks and keys so that your commercial establishment is secure. 

Locks and keys can get damaged due to constant use and erosion caused by the weather. We offer top-quality options such as cylinder platform locks, keyless entry systems and locks that can be accessed by multiple keys in a sequence. If you need storage solutions for valuable materials we offer commercial safes in various sizes. Get in touch to book a service today.

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Commercial Locks

Choosing the right type of locking system for your commercial property can be challenging. The professional locksmiths at All-Lock-Rescue Ltd can help pick out a dependable and durable locking system suited to your needs. Maintaining your locks can help prolong their functionality and avoid breakage. We offer repair, replacement and installation services to take care of these issues. Some of the locking systems we offer include: 


  • Emtek Emtouch keypad deadbolt 

  • Hartmann Controls PRO-ACC


Our Mul-T-Lock high-security products include: 


  • 3-IN-1 Cylinder 

  • MT5®

Locksmith duplicate machine

Commercial Keys

At All-Lock-Rescue Ltd, we offer a range of commercial key services that can help maintain or replace your keys. Our experienced locksmiths can provide rekeying services or key-cutting depending on your needs. If you have lost your keys or need dependable spares made, rely on our professionals to make you replacements that will function properly. We also provide car key replacements and cutting services. 


Commercial Safes

Buying a commercial safe is one of the best decisions you can make for the security of your business. Whether you need a safe for cash, deposits or to store data and important documents, our locksmiths can help you choose the right type of safe for your required applications. The main types of commercial safes we offer are: 

Depository safes

These are a must-have for storing daily cash deposits securely until you can visit the bank. Our depository safes can keep intruders and unauthorized employees away from your daily earnings. Limiting the exposure of your cash can reduce the threat to your profits. We offer the following depository safe options: 


  • Hayman Cash Vault

Data safes

Data safes are designed to protect valuable magnetic business data from theft, fire or other environmental damage. These safes are more insulated than other types of safes to avoid damage to your data. They come with compartments and convenient storage for all types of media. We can help you choose the right type of data safe for your business needs. Some of the options we offer include: 


  • FireKing 3-hour data safe

In-floor safes

In-floor safes are the perfect option for when you want your safe to not be visible to any intruders or unwanted individuals. Sometimes, having a regular safe isn’t enough. For complete peace of mind, you can rely on our locksmiths to recommend suitable in-floor safes to store your valuables away from prying eyes. These safes have shelves, electronic locks, and steel doors and can be installed in an accessible location. We offer the following options: 


  • Hayman poly body safe

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Looking to Replace Your Office Door Locks?

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