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A man puts a key to craft out its duplicate.

Trustworthy Key Duplication in Edmonton

Key duplication often seems to threaten security when done by a local locksmith. Finding a trustworthy expert for key duplication becomes quite a task. Sometimes, one might lose or misplace a key, and the need to have a spare key arises. Whether you require a spare key for your house, office, or car, duplicating by a reliable professional is essential. 

All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. has the top facility for key duplication in Edmonton. With years of experience and a highly professional team, we are among the top companies offering superior quality key and lock services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. You can call us now if you are looking for a trusted locksmith for key duplication in Edmonton.

A man presses the key on a machine so as to duplicate it

Why Do We Need Key Duplication?

Key duplication is necessary because of the following reasons—

  • Convenient—A duplicate key makes accessing a property easier when the single key holder isn’t available. Spare keys are usually essential for households and offices where multiple people might need access.

  • Security—Distributing access to trusted individuals can be a strategy for keeping your property safe and secure. Hence, key duplication protects property by giving excess access only to selected and trusted individuals.

  • Increase durability—Using a duplicate key increases the longevity and durability of the original key. It prevents the risk of breakage and wear and tear, increasing its lifespan and functionality.

  • Cost-effective—Key duplication is a cost-effective solution for maintaining access control Compared to the cost and inconvenience of replacing locks or accessing locked-out areas.

Through a drilling machine, a key similar to the reference is crafted.

Factors to Consider While Key Duplication

Here are some factors you should consider while duplicating your key:-

  • Type of key—It is essential to know and understand what kind of key you require, such as a high-security key, standard house key, transporter key, or electronic keypad for your property or vehicle, as per the requirements.

  • Accuracy—Hire a professional for your key duplication service to ensure the accuracy and precision of your key. Ensure that high-quality equipment is used to create the duplicate accurately and works smoothly without damage.

  • Security—Security measures must be taken to secure your information and the keys when key duplication occurs. Look if the locksmith is properly following standard security measures for handling customer data and keys.

  • Cost—Compare the cost of key duplication services among different providers while considering the value they offer regarding quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Avoid overly cheap services that may compromise on quality.

A hydraullic press compresses the key to duplicate it

Why get a Licensed Key Duplication Service?

Getting keys duplicated by a licensed locksmith decreases the risk of unauthorized access and enhances security. It offers some other advantages, including—

  • Expertise—Licensed locksmiths have the expertise, experience, and complete knowledge about different keys and their duplication, allowing accuracy and effectiveness and enhancing key functionality.

  • Quality—The Locksmith uses high-quality materials and equipment, such as cutting tools, to produce high-quality and durable duplicate keys. This ensures that your keys function long without any breakage, damage, or wear or tear.

  • Privacy—Professional locksmiths work hard, adhering to all security standards and protocols to protect clients' privacy, keys, and confidential information. They work with utmost care and handle keys securely during the duplication process, decreasing the chances of unauthorized access.

  • Specialized facilities—Professional locksmiths offer specialized services beyond key duplication, such as lock repair, installation, rekeying, and emergency locksmith services. They can address additional security concerns and provide comprehensive home, business, or vehicle solutions.

  • Emergency—Licensed locksmiths also provide emergency service, guidance, and assistance. Some are available 24/7 to offer key duplication and other services, maintaining the safety and security of your property.

Contact Us for Expert Key Duplication in Edmonton

We have covered everything if you want the most trusted, reliable and professional services related to key duplication in Edmonton. All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. offers top-quality services, becoming the one-stop solution to all your key problems. We understand the privacy and security of one's property. Hence, our team works with the utmost professionalism and adheres to security standards and protocols, maintaining customers’ privacy and security and avoiding unapproved access. Get in touch today to avail yourself of our services and be assured of safety and security.

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Most Trusted Key-related Services in Edmonton

All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. provides superior key duplication in Edmonton.

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