Residential and Commercial Safes from your Trusted Locksmith

When looking at a security solution for personal belongings and information, it's important to consider the environment the safe will be in and the content held within. Our Edmonton locksmiths can help you select the proper type of safe for your storage needs, whether it's for valuables in your home or documents and data in the retail and commercial setting.

Data Safes

Commercial Safes

Protecting Your Valuables

Commercial safes come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. No matter what items or information you need secured, All-Lock-Rescue offers a variety of commercial safes. We also carry depository safes that will allow you to store your money until you are able to make it to the bank. Purchasing a commercial safe is a sound investment that van help you feel more secure. We will help you keep your most crucial data and items safe and out of sight.

Commercial Depository Safes

Depository Safes

Hayman Cash Vault

Keeping your cash deposits safe and away from outsiders as well as unauthorized employees is at the heart of each of these units. The steel bodies are formed from solid steel and are reinforced in and around the door frame for strength and security. Four holes are provided in the bottom for securely anchoring the unit to the floor. The doors are 1/2" solid steel and backed up with specially hardened drill resistive plate. All doors have a spring loaded re-locking system to dead lock the bolt work in the event of a forcible entry attempt. Saw tooth baffles were added to prevent fishing in the front loader and enlarged the rotary hopper for ease of use in the top loader. Also added is a deterrent system that will automatically extend the bolts whenever the door is closed. The finish is a gray and black powder coating that is more durable and environmentally safer than the wet spray finish others use. Only U.L. Approved locks are used, assuring reliability in daily commercial operation.

Data Safes

Data Safes

FireKing 3-Hour Data Safe

The FireKing 3-Hour Fire with Impact-Rated Data Safes provide the ultimate in protection against fire, dust, electrostatics and accidental damage for your computer media. They're our highest rated safes and are perfect for businesses with large-capacity electronic storage needs. FireKing 3-Hour Data Safes are available in five sizes, all featuring the UL Class 125 3-hour fire and impact rating, plus the UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Rating for tough protection against break-in.

General Residential & Commercial Safes

Home Safes

FireKing Dauntless Fire & Burglary Resistant Safe

Dauntless safes address every aspect of protection at affordable pricing. The following key features increase confidence that your valuables will be protected:

  • UL Listed relocking device for extra security.
  • Drill resistant steel hard plate protects the combination lock.
  • Vertical and horizontal bolts resist prying.
  • Bolt-O-Matic door guard automatically extends the bolts when the door is closed.
  • UL Rated Group II combination lock is standard with over 1,000,000 combinations.
  • Optional Electronic lock automatically locks safe when door is closed.
  • Adjustable ball bearing hinges for smooth operation.
  • Seven different sizes with inner capacity ranging from 1.4 to 18 cubic feet.
Gun Safes

Gun Safes

All-Lock-Rescue gun safes have 55 rack and pinion matching machined gears that will give you the security to keep your guns safely behind locked doors.

In-Floor Safes

In-Floor Safes

Hayman Poly-Body Safe

Hayman has been building their patented polyethylene body in-floor safes since 1994. They know the value and solid protection that an in-floor safe provides and put extra features into every unit:

  • Rustproof body
  • Drill resistant hard plate
  • S&G combo lock standard
  • ½" or 1" solid steel door
  • Convenient storage molded into the walls
  • Guaranteed seepage protection
  • Mechanical re-locker
  • Electronic lock options
  • Spring assisted hinge
  • Patented life off door assembly allows for interchangeability

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