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Woman forgot her key inside of her car

Got Locked out of Your Car?

Professional Locksmith Services in Edmonton

For the past 30 years, All-Lock-Rescue Ltd has provided residential, automotive, commercial, and institutional locksmith services to clients in Edmonton. Security for your home, vehicle, or commercial property is paramount. We offer a wide range of door-locking solutions and 24-hour emergency locksmith services when locked out of your home, business establishment, or vehicle. We have the most reliable and trusted locksmith in Edmonton.

All-Lock-Rescue Ltd can assist you with selecting high-quality, durable safes for your valuable items. Our experienced locksmiths can also provide rekeying or key-cutting services. Contact us today if you need replacement locks and keys for your property.

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A man hands repair left door car locks

We Offer Automotive Lock Repair and Installation

Locksmith cutting key with his machine

Reliable House Key-cutting Services Available

Door lock service

We Provide Maintenance for Your Home’s Locks

Man at key cutter shop looking at blanks

Key Replacement Services for Commercial Clients

Man changing core of a door lock

Lock Installation and Repair for Commercial Properties

Seller in his shop with customer selling a safe

Quality Safes for Your Valuables

Close view of key copying machine with key

Get a Range of Car Key Services

Why Hire a Professional Locksmith?

Hiring a professional locksmith is essential because of the following reasons—

  • Expertise—A professional locksmith has expertise, knowledge, and experience that can help you guide or provide the most suitable service according to your requirements. They know skills and training which allow them to deal with all kinds of simple or complex problems. 

  • Time savings and efficiency—Their expertise allows them to identify and resolve the issue quickly, which makes services from a professional locksmith much more efficient. 

  • Quality of work—These locksmiths offer superior quality of work, making them a preferred choice. They use specialized tools designed to solve a specific problem. They stay updated with industry standards and techniques, ensuring efficient and effective solutions.

  • Emergency Services—Many locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency services, responding promptly to lockouts, lost keys, or other urgent situations. This availability ensures you can regain access to your home, car, or business quickly and safely, especially during inconvenient times.

When Do You Need a Locksmith?

You might require a locksmith in the following cases:-

  • Lockouts— If you are stuck out of your house or a car, you will require a locksmith to open the lock without any damage. 

  • Misplaced keys— By any chance, if your keys are stolen or misplaced, you can gain access by making duplicate keys or replacing the old ones with the help of a locksmith. A locksmith can help by providing you with guidance and giving you the access. 

  • Enhances security— If you feel that your security system is not working correctly and you require a system update, they have the top-updated security systems that can enhance your property's security. 

  • Emergency Situations— If you are stuck in an emergency situation, such as burglary attempts, broken locks due to vandalism, or conditions requiring immediate security measures, a locksmith can provide prompt assistance to secure your property.


If you require assistance and service from a professional locksmith in Edmonton, choose All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. and be assured that you will get top-notch services.

Several Keys type such as household and car key

Why Choose Us?

We offer many locksmith services to help secure your home or commercial property. Some of our specialties include:

  • High-security locking systems 

  • Lock repair services

  • Lock rekeying services

  • Residential lock sets

  • Commercial lock sets

  • Institutional lock sets

  • Master key systems 

  • Professional key-cutting

  • A large variety of key types

  • Door closers and deadbolts

  • Lock and key maintenance 

  • Apartment door servicing

  • Keys cut by code number

  • Full transponder key programming

  • Same-day service 

  • 24/7 emergency services


Below, we have covered some frequently asked questions for your reference.

  • How Much Does a Locksmith Cost in Edmonton?
    The cost of a locksmith service depends on the specific situation, such as the time of day, the complexity of the job, and the distance travelled.
  • Are Locksmith Services Available 24/7?
    Many locksmiths offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services to assist customers with lockouts, lost keys, and other urgent locksmith needs anytime, day or night. Contact our locksmith in Edmonton today to know more.
  • Can a Locksmith Make a New Key for My Car?
    Yes, most locksmiths can create new car keys, even if you don't have a spare. They may need information about your vehicle, such as the year, make, and model.

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