Commercial Locks Edmonton

Wise property owners make security their number one priority and most commercial property owners understand how important it is to have locks that are in good working condition. When you have locks that are worn or broken, or if it is time for your new construction to be installed with locks - the #1 place to go for commercial locks in Edmonton is All-Lock-Rescue.

Getting the Right Locks

You might think that finding the right lock is easy, but it can be more challenging than you think, and choosing the correct lock for your commercial property is important. Without the help from a knowledgeable and professional locksmith, you may not be able to decide which type of lock is appropriate for your specific property. This is especially true if you have a specialty or unique type of door.

It is easy to get confused when you look at all of the types of locks that are available. This is where a professional locksmith can give you valuable advice. From commercial lever handles to deadbolts and door reinforcers, the lock you choose may make a difference should you have an intruder. Our Edmonton commercial locksmiths will help to ensure that your property will have the most dependable and durable lock possible.

Maintaining Your Commercial Locks

Your locks are so important to the security of your business assets and employees. To make sure they are always working and do not break, simple maintenance is required. Just lubricate your locks at least once a year by spraying some lubricant in the lock and passing your key in and out of the lock wiping debris from your key each time. For more information on maintaining your commercial locks, call All-Lock-Rescue.

Commercial Locks

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EMTEK EMTouch Keypad Deadbolt

Made from high quality stainless steel, the EMTouch keypad is raising the standard of convenience in security. Although keys are included, none are needed to operate this touch pad locking system. Simply type in your code and the latch will disengage. Leaving your home is as easy as hitting "enter" and turning the knob; no more fumbling for keys. The EMTouch electronic deadbolt is programmed with 2 unique, secure user codes and can store up to 20 user codes total. This unit is sold as a complete set, including the latch and strike plate. The EMTouch keypad allows you to feel safe and sound, and you'll never worry about locking yourself out or losing your keys!

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Hartmann Controls PRO-ACC

Hartmann Controls has developed a sophisticated monitoring screen to manage and access your system easily. The command console is equipped with PRO hot buttons for day to day tasks as well as an overall summary screen showing tasks that need to be completed, or issues that need to be addressed. PRO-ACC has been designed as a distributed system, where individual components will not compromise the integrity of the entire system. All PRO-ACC controllers will operate 100% independently of the software. Your system will aslo grow with you and you can add elevators, lighting, alarm points etc. when the need arrives.

Mul-T-Lock High Security Products

Getting the Right Locks

3-In-1 Cylinder

The '3 IN 1' cylinder has been designed by Mul‑T‑Lock to allow you to easily change your key combinations through a simple and speedy process: Simply insert and operate the next key in a sequence of three keys. The introduction of each new key invalidates the previous key combination. If all three combinations have been used, the cylinder may be re-keyed by an authorised Mul-T-Lock locksmith. The "3 IN 1" cylinder may be ordered with three separate duplicating cards for the green, yellow and red keys.


MT5®, the new-generation High Security cylinder platform, is Mul-T-Lock's newest response to the needs and requests of millions of customers around the world. The new MT5 platform includes multiple locking mechanisms, providing either dual (MT5®) or triple (MT5®+) patented locking for enhanced security in any application.

Together, the 3 mechanisms produce millions of possible locking combinations, significantly heightening the user's sense of security. The MT5 patent, in force until 2025, enables excellent key control, which is enhanced by a special key authorization magnetic strip card. Keys are duplicated by a dedicated key cutting machine, upon presentation of the magnetic key card. The MT5 platform supports a wide range of master key systems, from relatively small and simple networks to very large and complex systems, incorporating both hierarchy and matrix design requirements.

  • A new configuration of Mul-T-Lock's well-honed telescopic pin technology (MT5® and MT5®+)
  • A new patented Alpha Spring: a mobile element located at the tip of the key, which engages a special pin to create an additional shear line (MT5® and MT5®+)
  • A powerful side bar locking mechanism, which interacts with unique horizontal finger pins (MT5®+ only)