House Key Cutting Edmonton

Don’t have your house keys made by someone who may not fully understand locks and how a house key should be cut. The lock on your home is one of the most important things for the safety of your loved ones and your property. Don’t entrust your house key cutting to an amateur – give this important job to a professional - your Edmonton locksmith.

Be Prepared with Extra House Keys

Where Not to Hide your Extra Key

Where Not to Hide your Extra Key

How many times do people misplace their keys? For many people, looking for their keys is a daily frustration. When you have extra keys cut, this is no longer a problem, but - where you should keep them is always a question. You don’t want to put them in obvious places where intruders are sure to look like:

  • under your doormat
  • over your threshold
  • in a fake rock

Put your extra key in a place where criminals are most unlikely to look. Time is valuable to potential intruders – the longer he looks for your keys the more attention he will attract. The first place they will look is under the doormat and on the threshold. You may think the cleverly designed key-holder that looks like a rock is a good idea – and so do home intruders. They can spot those plastic rocks anywhere.

Good Key Hiding Places

Good Key Hiding Places

Find a place to hide your extra key that isn’t close to your door. Keep your key in an inconspicuous place like:

  • in or around your BBQ
  • in a flower bed that’s away from your door

Think about where you would NOT look if you were a burglar trying to gain entry to your home.

Meet with an Edmonton Locksmith to Get Keys Cut

Key cutting is more complicated than you may think – and to have it done correctly, it should be done by a professional. Your Edmonton locksmith is a full-service business. They can upgrade your locks, cut duplicate keys for your house doors, and provide you with a safe for your valuables.