Posted: 30 Sep '15

You Wouldn't Believe What this Edmonton Locksmith Can Do For You!

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They aren't magicians, not exactly. But watching a locksmith in Edmonton pick open a lock, re-key one, or simply get into your car after you've locked yourself out seems close to magic. While most locksmith duties are well known services, like the ones we just mentioned, they are a talented group of folks with skills and products you may not be aware of. Let us unveil what a good locksmith can do for you.

Lock and Key Wizards

Step into a locksmith shop and you'll see familiar keys and hardware. While cutting duplicate keys may be a very common task, they can do a lot more. From repairing a malfunctioning lock to creating master keys, these door wizards provide safe and secure entry to your business or home.

If you have a defective part, All-Lock-Rescue can repair it, including closers, hinges, and other components to your entry point. If you need a more secure door or lock system, locksmiths can provide and install the products you need to feel secure. These could be digital access systems, keypad deadbolts, or high security, heavy-duty locks.

On-Call, 24-Hour Services

Like the medical “house call” in the days of old, locksmiths can come to you and quickly and expertly unlock your vehicle, home or business. How? Just like magicians, locksmiths don't reveal trade secrets, so we won't do that here. But rest assured, if you need to get in, they can help.

It may not be possible to bring your lock components to a shop for repair, disassembling a lock or door can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. All-Lock locksmiths can repair locks, replace hinges, and service safes on site. They can also re-align doors, install security items like window bars, and install emergency exit hardware.

Auto Locksmith Services

Being locked out of your vehicle or unable to start it because of a broken key or lock can ruin your day. Our locksmiths can create new keys or re-key an existing lock on your car. Locksmiths keep up with the latest in technology and can work with locks using the wave keys or transponder (electronic chip) automotive keys.

The Grand Finale

They may not be making things disappear, but these lock “magicians” have plenty of great tricks up their sleeves. If you aren't sure that your lock system is the most secure, you need to gain entry after losing a key, or need repairs to existing systems, this Edmonton locksmith can provide a myriad of services that will take care of you like magic.

Give us a call or send us a message, and we'll help you with your locks!