Posted: 12 Oct '16

What You Need to Know About Preventing Vehicle Theft

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Having your vehicle stolen or broken into is quite a hassle, from dealing with your insurance company, to replacing important paperwork and having damages repaired if you get your vehicle back. It goes without saying that any irreplaceable items that are stolen are damaged will be a big loss. As your experts in car locksmith services in Edmonton, we want to help you learn about preventing vehicle theft so you can protect yourself and your vehicle.

Access Denied

Over 33% of vehicle break-ins and thefts were done when keys were left right in the vehicle. It's to take care when your car or truck is unattended and be sure not to leave your keys handy for a would-be thief. Another surefire way to encourage a thief to run off with your vehicle is to leave it running while you run into your home or a store, even if it's just for a moment. Thieves who specialize in vehicles actually target small areas that have corner stores and buildings that people are likely to run into quickly so they can easily snatch the cars. 

Tempting with Valuables

You likely have any number of valuables with you in your vehicle at any given time. Items like cell phones, laptop computers, wallets, change and more all convert to easy cash for would-be thieves. Don't leave valuables out in the open where they can be easily viewed by someone looking into your car windows. Take them with you when you leave or at least lock them safely away in the trunk.

Keep an Eye Out

Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity you may see around your neighbor’s vehicles. Thieves target neighborhoods and often travel in small groups, so the call you make to save your neighbor’s vehicle or property could end up saving your own in the end.

It takes considerably less effort and stress to take a few steps to help prevent vehicle theft than it does to go through all that is required if your car is broken into or stolen. We hope these helpful tips will ensure your vehicle is protected against theft. If you require a spare set of keys, new keys for a broken lock or any other car locksmith services in the Edmonton area, contact us at All-Lock Rescue.