Posted: 1 Oct '20

Under What Circumstances Should I Consider Calling a Locksmith to Change my House Locks?

Under What Circumstances Should I Consider Calling a Locksmith to Change my House Locks?

One of the most common questions posed to a residential locksmith is "when should I change the locks on my home?" Usually, this question is followed up with why. Though the locks on your home may be secure, there are circumstances where you will need to change out the locks for yours and your family's protection. Here are some of the circumstances that a residential locksmith will suggest you change the locks to your home. Call us when it’s time to have your locks changed.  

Lost Keys

We have all had those moments of where you think your keys are in your purse or pocket and then you find out they aren't. Every once in awhile, you don't find the missing keys. Rather than lay awake at night worrying about who may have your house keys, consider having a residential locksmith come in and change the locks.  

New Home 

Once you sign a purchase agreement to buy a house, one of the first things you should do is change the locks on the house. You have no idea who has keys to your home. Every residential locksmith will recommend that you change the locks the minute you move into or just before you move into a new home.  


If you and a roommate, spouse, or significant other have had a falling out and one person moves out of the home, change the locks. Emotions run high in these circumstances, and that can lead to some grave emotionally charged decisions that may not be the best. Therefore, the minute the other party moves out, get those locks changed immediately.  


If someone has broken into your home or attempted to break into your home, get the locks changed right away. Nothing violates your sense of security more than knowing your safe haven isn't as safe as you once thought it was. Changing and possibly upgrading the locks with a residential locksmith can help return some peace of mind.  

Old Home and Locks 

If the home is aging and the locks are aging with it, just for the sake of security, you may want to consider having the locks changed. It's never a good idea to keep the same locks on a home that was one of them for a very long time.  

Loaned a Key 

If you have very loaned your key to someone, change the locks. It doesn't matter; it is a friend, repair guy or service provider, change the locks. You don't know if someone has had a copy of your key made or not.  

Residential Locksmiths to the Rescue 

If you aren’t sure if you should change your locks, call us! We will help you decide on the best course of action for your locks, and your home security.