Posted: 1 Nov '15

Transponder Keys: Awesome or a Hassle?

Transponder Keys from All Lock Rescue Ltd. in Edmonton
Toting around a ring full of keys can be a pain. Fumbling for your car key in the dark or in the rain is even worse. But when it comes to having an older vehicle, there are no other options but to have a standard key. Newer cars are often outfitted with key-less ignition systems, making things much easier when it comes to what's in your pocket or your purse. Most auto locksmiths can replace either the standard or the new transponder key, so is it better to have one or the other?

The Up Side

A transponder key – those funny looking key “fobs” as they are also called, allow you to enter or to start your vehicle simply by having the fob somewhere on your body. The transmitter in your fob is programmed to start the engine on only your car. All you have to do is press a “start” button and that engine begins to purr. Need to enter your vehicle? The transponder key makes it possible to simply pull on the door handle or press the lock button and viola! You are in.

Your transponder key provides you with extra security as well. There's no more fumbling in a dark parking garage to find your set of keys, or frantically searching through your handbag in the pouring rain. The ease of use makes having a transponder key a great choice. There's added security knowing that a valet, or anyone else who may handle your keys, won't be able to make an impression to reproduce the key.

Car locksmiths know how to get into your vehicle when you're locked out, but those auto locksmiths are trained and legally allowed to do so. A transponder key makes it very difficult for someone to break in to your car or to start your engine. Be comforted in the knowledge that theft of vehicles using key-less ignition is far less common.

The Other Side

While transponder keys are a great option, as with anything there is a slight downside. The loss of a car fob can be pricey. While an auto locksmith can create a replacement key for you, it is more expensive than getting a standard key copied. It's a good idea to get your dealership to provide extras when you purchase your car rather than trying to get them to replace it later. But be aware that they may not want to offer that as an 'extra' just to seal the deal.

Pick a Side

It's fun to have bright, new 'techie' things, but consider exactly what you get when it comes to transponder keys. Remember – having a lost key replaced by an auto locksmith can be costly. But the peace of mind that comes with a more secure car and easier entry and start-up far outweighs any other aspects of transponder key vehicle.