Posted: 1 Jun

Should You Have Your Residential Locksmith Re-Key Your Locks or Replace Them?

Should You Have Your Residential Locksmith Re-Key Your Locks or Replace Them?

Deciding if you should re-key or replace your locks is a tough call. Both give you the same results but have different processes for implementation. Working with a professional residential locksmith is to your advantage when you are considering re-doing the locks in your home. Call us today for help deciding.

Don't just rush into a decision when it comes to your locks. You need to be sure you are doing the right thing for your home. 

Re-keying Advantages

Choosing to re-key is both an easy and affordable option for increasing the security of your home. You can use your existing hardware which makes it a faster process. The re-keying removes the internal cylinder and replaces it with a new set of springs and pins that are used for the locking mechanism.

Getting a residential locksmith to do the re-keying lets them check the quality of the lock and ensure that your installation is done correctly. Re-keying is a good option when you have lost your keys or had them stolen from you. 

Replacing Advantages

If your current locks have been worn down, are showing signs of wear and tear, or are not working correctly, you want to replace your locks entirely. Replacing the locks also lets you upgrade all your hardware to the latest in-home security. Your residential locksmith can come in and show you options to replace your current locks that will increase your safety.

Replacing your current locks is generally more expensive as it includes a total hardware change. Your locksmith can assess your current locks for you and let you know which option is best for you.

Should You Replace or Re-key?

Whether or not you choose to replace or re-key your locks is entirely up to you. If you are feeling like your security has been compromised, having a residential locksmith come look at your locks as well as assess the security of your home can provide you some peace of mind.

However, if you just moved into a new home or had a break-in, it is always a good idea to replace your current locks or re-key them if that is possible. 

Come Meet our Residential Locksmith

Only the best residential locksmiths can give you the peace of mind you are seeking. Come and meet our residential locksmith. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you choose the best security options for you. After all, your safety is our primary concern.