Posted: 12 Apr '16

Safe-ty First: The Importance of Safes

Safes in Edmonton from All-Lock-Rescue Ltd Edmonton Locksmiths
If you were to come home and find your place stripped bare, which items would you be most upset over losing? The very idea of a burglary is frightening, but once you're over the initial shock, are there things you own that are irreplaceable or items that left in the wrong hands can wreak havoc on your life? Last July, couple from New Zealand suffered a significant loss that makes a great case for safes in your Edmonton home to store your valuables in.

A Century's Worth of History Lost

You may be wondering how a couple's loss in New Zealand relates to needing safes to keep valuables protected all the way here, in Edmonton. It's not so much the area of occurrence that is significant, it is what these people lost. The thieves entered their home and stripped it bare of anything that could be sold for fast money. Among these items were jewelry and heirlooms of historical value, dating back over a century - items that could never be replaced. These things had significant sentimental value, but they also carried the family's story and represented one hundred years of life. Simply keeping these irreplaceable items behind a locked entrance and bedroom door was not enough. Had they stored their historical items in a safe from All-Lock-Rescue, the thieves would not have made away with them.

In-and-Out Mentality

Burglars tend to enter a home and strip it very quickly to avoid being caught. Despite what you might see in the movies, safe-cracking is not something they will take time to attempt during home invasions. Ensuring your valuables are stored in a safe rather than easily accessible will protect them from being stolen so you and future generations can continue to enjoy them. Important papers, passports and other items that may lead to identity theft are also items that should be kept in your safe so you don't have to run to a safety deposit box every time you need access.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden safes are a popular choice for Edmonton homeowners because they provide an extra layer of caution. Just as burglars won't take time to try to crack a safe, they are also not likely to pull up every floorboard to see if there is a hidden floor safe and they won't take time to look under every picture or decorative item to see if you have a hidden wall safe. These two types of hidden safes also take up less physical space in the living areas of your home.

Don't let the tragedy of losing irreplaceable items to theft happen by storing them safely. All-Lock-Rescue carries a full line of high quality safes and can help you choose the best safe for your Edmonton home. For more information about safes in Edmonton, contact us.