Posted: 1 Oct '21

Residential Locksmiths Biggest Secrets Revealed

Residential Locksmiths Biggest Secrets Revealed

Unless you have actually worked with a residential locksmith, then there are a few tricks to the trade that you might not know about. There is actually a lot of very interesting stuff that locksmiths do that might surprise you. Call us today for all of your locksmith needs.

Tricks of the Trade of a Residential Locksmith

Have a look inside this fantastic trade to find out some of the best-kept residential locksmith secrets.

  1. Locks that you buy from a regular hardware store or from a general store are not solid locks. If you want a truly tough lock that will last and that is not easy to break, then you want that lock to be provided by a locksmith. The locks a locksmith gives you are going to be much more solid, long-lasting locks that are more secure.
  2. The best lock you can get for your home is a deadbolt that has been properly installed. For a deadbolt to be installed appropriately, it should have at least a 1-inch throw as well as a security plate on the side of the strike. Many locksmiths agree that general contractors do not have the expertise to install a deadbolt locking mechanism properly.
  3. When you get keys that are labelled as “do not duplicate” keys, chances are, they have been duplicated. A residential locksmith will advise you to change your locks once you have taken possession of a new property. “Do not duplicate” keys are capable of being copied and there is no way to know how many copies are still out there.
  4. Your locks actually need to be maintained! It is important to use a synthetic lubricant like Lock Saver to keep your locks functioning properly. No one likes struggling with sticky locks. If you have tried to lubricate your locks and they are still sticky, call a residential locksmith for service.
  5. Do not feel shy to call your residential locksmith. No matter how bad you think you messed up, someone has messed up worse. You should never feel shy to call your locksmith, and they don’t judge you on how you got into the situation. They are just trying to get you out.

Find Out What a Residential Locksmith Can Do for You

Your residential locksmith can do a lot of things or have seen that you have no clue about. If you want to learn more about what a locksmith is capable of or how we can help you, come to talk to us.