Posted: 22 Mar '16

To Rekey or Not to Rekey: Residential Locksmiths Have the Answer

Residential Locksmiths in Edmonton from All Lock Rescue Ltd.
Feeling like it’s about time for a change… to your locks? There are many reasons why you may decide it’s time to change your locks in your Edmonton home. Some reasons may include: someone in your family has lost a house key, a tenant has moved out and not returned all of their keys or perhaps you just ended a relationship and you aren't sure they didn't have an extra key made.

In situations like these, you might not have to have your locks replaced and might be able to have them rekeyed instead. A simple call to your residential locksmith can let you know if it's best to rekey or not to rekey.

What is Rekeying?

Inside a lock there are tumblers which are arranged in a pattern that your key is cut to match. When a residential locksmith rekeys a lock, they change the pattern of the tumblers, rendering the key useless. A new key is issued that will fit properly with the new tumbler pattern and the lock is considered rekeyed.

Here’s the Key: Benefits of Rekeying

In most cases, rekeying your locks takes considerably less time than installing new ones, which can be critical depending on your reason for needing the change. Some of the other benefits include:

  • The ability to have all locks rekeyed to use the same key
  • No marring of the surface of your doors due to different sized lock mechanisms
  • Less expensive since no new hardware is required other than the new key(s)

A Time for Replacing Locks

While rekeying your locks is a time-saver and more economical than investing in new locks, in some cases it is not the best solution. If your existing locks are worn or broken on the inside, rekeying will have no effect whatsoever and you will have to get new locks installed. Another reason your residential locksmith may suggest new locks is if your current ones are not up to safety standards. Investing in locks that are more tamper-resistant may be in your best interest to avoid future problems. Your locksmith will evaluate your current locking mechanisms and discuss the best course of action for you to take.

No matter the reason for having your locks rekeyed or replaced, you can rely on All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. to give you an estimate and go over the best solution for your situation. Contact us today to learn more about our locksmith services in Edmonton.