Posted: 1 Dec '15

Preventing Holiday Crime – Securing Homes and Cars

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As the holidays are approaching and folks are out enjoying the spirit of the season, unfortunately, criminals are also out planning to take advantage of distracted shoppers. Would-be burglars are aware that people are leaving packages in their car, and may have expensive gifts they have purchased sitting somewhere in their home. Your best line of defense against becoming a target this time of year is by being vigilant in your actions and by ensuring that you have solid locks in Edmonton.

Cars as Targets

It may be something you've heard before, but it certainly bears repeating – don't make yourself a target. Leaving purchases, pocketbooks, or any other valuable items in plain view inside your vehicle is a great temptation for thieves. Place these items in your trunk and double-check that you've secured your vehicle. Be sure to take your keys with you, lost keys mean calling for car key replacement via an Edmonton auto locksmith.

Try to park in a well-lit area and be on the lookout for any suspicious people lurking around vehicles. If you do get locked out of your car and don't have access to a hidden key – call an emergency locksmith as soon as possible. If you believe you may have left your keys somewhere, get your car keys replaced immediately.

Homes as Targets

With all of the rushing around during the holiday season, it's easy to become distracted. Don't let your home become the target of theft because you've forgotten to lock your door. Now is a good time to check your locks and determine if you need to upgrade them for better security.

Electronics are a popular holiday gift item, but they are also popular item for burglars. Hiding such items in your home won't fool a seasoned thief, but leaving them in an obvious place makes it easy for a novice burglar to make off with your goods. It is best to conceal them if possible. If the items are small enough, placing them in a safe could keep your holidays from being completely ruined should a break-in occur.

Locks are the Key

While there are certain behaviors people should adapt during the holiday season to make them less of a target for burglars, tightening security goes a long way to preventing theft. Installing good locks can mean a safer home. But what are the best locks available? A knowledgeable locksmith in Edmonton should be able to recommend an appropriate lock for your needs, but here are some basic recommendations of what to ask for:

  • Many deadbolt locks are not sturdy enough to prevent a forcible entry. Ask your local Edmonton locksmith about which ones are considered high-security.
  • Often times strike plates are flimsy, so be sure to request one that is solid and attach it to a reinforced frame.
  • Inquire about locks with hardened cylinders as your best defense against drills. Many types of cylinders can be drilled out completely, but with hardened cylinders, access can be denied. You may need to replace the lock if someone attempts to drill through, but it's better than replacing many of the valuable items in your home.

The bottom line is to be aware of possible weaknesses in your home security and to have heightened awareness of your surroundings and actions. Don't allow burglars and thieves to ruin your holidays.