Posted: 1 Jan '19

New Year, New Locks – Is It Time For a Change

Locksmiths from All Lock Rescue Ltd.
Arriving home late one night, the key was hard to fit and the lock simply wouldn't turn. I jiggled it and retried over and over again. The building was old and the lock was original, but it had simply reached a point where it wasn't quite what it used to be. This is the time when a locksmith in Edmonton needs to be called in. No amount of jiggling, pushing, re-inserting, or using choice words was going to help.

Things eventually wear out or become outdated and need to be replaced. Door locks are no exception. Whether for your home or your business, old, malfunctioning locks can be a real problem and this is where it’s time to change your locks in Edmonton. My advice is to do it before you reach the point where a bad lock makes for a rough night.

Wear and Tear – Maintaining Your Locks

Wear and tear on locks is a sign that they need to be changed, but there are other events that could indicate that it's time to make a switch.

If your locks are tarnished, have rust, become more difficult to open, or show any visible sign of wear, your security could be at risk and it's time for a locksmith in Edmonton to install a new one.

If a door has recently been forced open, the lock's integrity could be compromised and should be replaced.

If your keys have been lost or stolen, there's a chance that they have fallen into the hands of someone who knows where they belong. If that’s the case, call a locksmith in Edmonton and have your locks replaced immediately. If you lose your keys often, it's a good idea to replace your standard lock with a combination door lock. This can be very effective, especially if you routinely change your access code.

Protecting Your Business

Businesses with employee turnover or apartment structures with changing tenants should consider replacing locks or at least have them re-keyed with each turnover.

If your business has specialized needs, the available locks in Edmonton will meet them. Vandal resistant cylindrical and mortise locks are designed to resist abuse without unlocking or experiencing damage. Certain businesses would benefit from a lever handled lock rather than a knob, or in cases where high security is vital, a biometric access control system could be required. Biometric systems are the locks that utilize fingerprint access technology. Check with your locksmith in Edmonton to see if they can accommodate such needs.

A commercial locksmith is essential to making any lock changes. They can provide information on various options, install new lock systems, access control systems and security networks as well as re- key any existing lock in Edmonton. Not only that, but they can perform routine maintenance and quality control for specialized lock systems.

Before you have difficulty accessing your home or business, and before your security is at risk from an old or malfunctioning lock, make the change and make it a good and secure new year. Contact us for any of your locksmith needs!