Posted: 5 Apr '17

The 5 Essential Things to Remember When Replacing Door Locks

Door Locks in Edmonton from All-Lock Rescue

Whether you are trying to improve security for your Edmonton home or your current locks are worn and need to be replaced, it's more complex than installing a new mechanism. While you have that option, you should be armed with the right information before deciding to do it yourself. Here are five essential things to remember when replacing the door locks on your Edmonton home.

#1. Remember the Type of Lock You're Replacing

Just as there are a variety of door styles, there are a wide range of door locks available. Things to consider when replacing your locks is whether the door is an exterior door or interior one and the strength of the lock required. For example, you might consider a dead bolt lock for outside doors and lever-style lock for interior doors, since you typically don't require a kick-proof lock inside your home.

#2. What's the Level of Security You Need?

You might not be aware of this, but door locks come with security grades that give you an idea of how secure and durable they are. If you are looking for security for your Edmonton home, you want to consider a door lock that is graded for extreme force and a high number of cycles it can withstand before it begins to wear.

#3. Where is the Door Lock Going?

Each type of lock is designed to work in a specific manner, so the lock's location is an important factor when choosing a replacement. If you do not use the correct style of lock for the door, you can reduce your security, lower the lifetime expectancy or risk damage to your door, frame, and lock.

#4. Understand the Features for Locks

When it comes to protecting your Edmonton home, there are different features available with door locks. For example, some are drill proof, some are anti-pick and you can get locks that have tamper prevention locks inside them. It's important to understand what features you are paying for and that you have the right level of security for your neighbourhood.

#5. How Door Locks Are Installed Makes a Big Difference

Checking the installation instructions will help you know if you are purchasing the right kind of door locks for your Edmonton home. Look to see if the current hardware or setup in your doors works with the new lock. If you require added security and your current hardware will not work with a better lock, you may have to make some changes.

At All-Lock-Rescue, we can help you with the door locks for your Edmonton home by finding the perfect lock for any door and provide professional installation to ensure maximum efficiency and security. Contact us for more information about getting new or replacement door locks for your home.