Posted: 11 Jan '17

4 Things You Need to Remember for Your Commercial Doors

Commecial Locksmith in Edmonton at All-Lock Rescue

You work very hard as a business owner or manager in Edmonton and the last thing you need is to suffer loss or damages because your commercial space isn't secure. What you may not realize is that there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to locks and doors for your business. Here are four things that our commercial locksmiths in Edmonton say you need to remember for your commercial doors.

Locks Have a Grading System

One of the things that many people don't realize is that locks have a grading system. To ensure your property is as secure as it can be, you need to make sure your locks are a grade 1 rating. Grade 1 ratings apply to heavy duty locks that are the most dependable and secure. Often used for institutions, offices and other commercial applications, these locks are designed for maximum protection.

Avoid Overuse of Your Locks

Most commercial doors have a feature that allow you to depress the locking device on the door so that it can swing freely during business hours. Known as "dogging down your doors" in the locksmith industry, our commercial locksmiths recommend you use this feature whenever possible. Engaging the locking mechanisms in your door's lock constantly or repetitively throughout the day can significantly reduce the life of your door locks.

Professional Installation by a Commercial Locksmith

Installing commercial door locks isn't as simple as dropping a lock into the existing hole and tightening a few screws. A commercial locksmith will ensure there is proper alignment of the door into the frame and jamb, check for any weak areas and reinforce as required. Depending on the location of your Edmonton business, we may also recommend additional security measures to ensure your locks will keep potential thieves or vandals outside where they belong.

Beware of Misalignment

That annoying squeal when your doors close or the harsh slam if you don't hold tight as your doors are closing behind you are potential weaknesses in the security of your commercial space. If your doors are misaligned, this is hard on your locking mechanisms and will cause premature wear and misalignment, which leave your doors vulnerable. Even if gaps aren't noticeable, if your doors are not in alignment, they exist. Our commercial locksmiths can get your entrance aligned properly to ensure maximum life and security of your door and locks.

While they might not sound like a big deal, these four things about commercial locks can make a big difference in the security of your Edmonton business. As a professional commercial locksmith in Edmonton, at All-Lock-Rescue we can ensure your business is properly secured. Contact us today to keep your business safe and secure so you have one less thing to worry about.