Posted: 12 Jun '17

Locked Out of Your Vehicle? Don't Panic! Call a Car Locksmith.

Locksmith Edmonton

We've all done it before. You make your way to your car from the grocery store with your hands full, and as you're rummaging through your pockets for your keys, you notice them sitting on the front seat... of your locked car. It's ok, don't panic! Of course, if you think you may be in danger, call 911. But if you're in a safe spot and there's no children or animals locked in the car, it does not qualify as a police-worthy emergency. Since a lot of towing services do not carry the proper equipment with them to unlock car doors, calling a locksmith is the best idea.

24/7 Emergency Car Locksmith Service

Our 24/7 Emergency Car Locksmith Services are available any time of day or night. So even if you lock your keys in your car after a late party or an early morning meeting, we've got you covered. Our trained professionals carry the necessary tools with them to get your keys out safely without any damage to your vehicle. We can even repair a lock on your car if your own efforts to get in didn't go as you planned. Uh-oh, your keys aren't in the car? We can replace your lost key as well.

Get A Spare Copy of Your Car Key

After you've utilized our service to rescue your keys, it's time to take the necessary precautions so it doesn't happen again. Having a spare key to give to your spouse or relative, or keeping one in a safe place at home where someone can access it for you is a smart way to cover all your bases. Getting a copy of your key made at the dealership is expensive and inconvenient. Our Car Locksmiths can make you a copy quickly for less.

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