Posted: 9 Sep '15

Keyless Entry Commercial Door Locks for your Peace of Mind

get keyless locks for your commercial business save time and money. Edmonton Locksmith
They may not be therapists, but All-Lock-Rescue, your local Edmonton Locksmith, can provide something that helps business owners manage their worries. It's not medication, an open ear, or even aromatherapy – it's keyless entry commercial door locks. Yes, that's right, having keyless entry will help alleviate some of the stress that running a business can bring. By eliminating the hassle of keys, your business can save time, money, and remove security concerns.

Security Concerns

No business owner likes to have a disgruntled employee (one such former employee trashed her boss's office with glitter and silly string!), or to have to fire someone. But when it happens there's always the risk of problems. At best you may have employees who forget to turn in their keys, at worst there could be a worker that seeks retaliation. From death threats to burglary angry former employees can disrupt and damage offices and shops. Even a friendly parting of ways can leave business owners concerned about those missing keys. Having to call for an Edmonton locksmith every time someone departs can be costly, not to mention a distraction from daily operations. With keyless entry, owners can simply change the code or remove an individual’s code whenever there is turnover.

Another benefit to keyless commercial door locks is that it's far more difficult to bypass keyless entry systems than traditional locks. Would-be criminals are less likely to “crack the code” than to pick a keyed lock.

Saving Money

Let's face it, keeping track of purses, wallets, cellphones, and keys can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you're distracted. Lost keys are a reality of busy lives. Imagine what would happen if numerous employees were to suffer from the “I lose my keys” affliction? The time and expense that would go into remedying the situation could be enormous. Calling a locksmith in Edmonton to copy keys, or to help a stranded employee enter the building is a setback. Re-keying locks is far more costly than changing a security code.

Avoiding the Hassle

There's no doubt that having to search for keys when you're in a hurry, or to fish them out of a handbag or briefcase when you're standing in the rain is no fun. Fumbling with keys if it's dark outside and you're alone and feeling nervous is even worse. Allowing yourself and employees access via keyless entry commercial door locks removes the hassle and inconvenience of those pesky metal things on a ring.

Pressing the Easy Button

With so many things to focus on when running a business, getting employees in and out of the building shouldn't be one of them. The stress of locks and keys and all the accompanying issues could be the thing that puts you over the edge. Save yourself the hassle. Ironically, installing keyless entry commercial door locks from us, your licensed, trusted Edmonton locksmith could be the key to your peace of mind!

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