Posted: 6 Dec '18

Is the Cold Weather Giving You Grief? It Might Be Time to Call a Residential Locksmith

The cold weather of winter can wreak havoc on a lot of things - our skin, our cars, our patience; but one thing we may not realize, is that it can also be rough on our home's locks. Let's look at why you should call a residential locksmith before the cold weather hits.

Frozen Locks

Temperature changes, rain and snow can cause moisture to build up in the keyholes of your entry locks. When the cold intensifies, the hidden moisture freezes and prevents the key from turning the lock. While you can try to unfreeze the lock yourself with the heat, or with a lock de-icer, this may not work, and you could accidentally cause permanent damage to the lock. If you've found yourself locked out because of the cold, call a residential locksmith right away.

Old Locks

Old or outdated locks are more likely to freeze or have problems during the winter. A residential locksmith will be able to assess all your home's locks and give you recommendations for updates and repairs when needed. Using an old lock that is starting to break down can cause permanent damage to your keys and even your doors, so at the first sign of issues, be sure to call a residential locksmith before the extreme cold temperatures hit.

Lost Keys

Having the number of a reliable residential locksmith saved in your phone is a wise move during the winter. During the Holiday season, you're constantly on the go, visiting friends and family and running errands to prepare for all the Holiday festivities. It's easy to forget your keys or accidentally lock yourself out of the house. Having a residential locksmith "on call" so to speak, will give you peace of mind that help is close by on a cold winter's night. A locksmith will be able to get you quickly and safely back into your warm home and fix any damage or recommend any updates to your locks, so accidents are less likely to happen.


Cold weather and moisture can cause permanent damage to your locks. You may go out of town during the holidays and having insufficient locks leaves your home unprotected. A residential locksmith will be able to update your locks so that you can be rest assured that your home is safe and secure.

Before the cold weather hits, be sure to have a residential locksmith’s number on hand or call us today to get started on prepping your home security for those cold winter months!