Posted: 8 Mar '17

How to Handle Losing Your House Keys and Not Panic

Edmonton Locksmith Services from All-Lock Rescue

It happens to everyone at one point or another, that moment of panic when you can't find your house keys and they aren't where you last put them. As experts in Edmonton locksmith services, our team at All-Lock Rescue has several steps you can take to handle losing your house keys without the panic that goes with it. Usually a few deep breaths and these helpful hints will get you back into your home in no time!

Do a Double Take for Lost Keys

This may sound redundant, but our locksmiths often come to help people into their homes and while they are working, the missing keys unexpectedly turn up. The culprit? Purses, bags and backpacks! Keys can easily slip into a hidden pocket or get caught between items in your bags, causing them to seem like they've gone missing. Dump out your bag if you have to, just to be sure your keys aren't playing a little hide and seek.

Take a Moment to Retrace Your Steps

Take a few seconds to think back to when you last saw your keys. If you feel overly stressed, it may be a good idea to make a list so when you revisit each of these places, you can check them off. Too often, if you let the panic overwhelm you, you will search the same places several times, possibly not seeing them in your frenzy. A general rule of thumb is to thoroughly check the spot your keys should be, chances are good they are there, but possibly moved a little or covered by something else that is sharing the space. If they aren't where they should be, be sure to check pockets and around your laundry area.

If All Else Fails, Call a Locksmith

If after doing all of this, you still can't find your keys or perhaps find them locked into your car, the next thing you should do is call a locksmith. Our locksmith services at All-Lock Rescue include helping you get into locked cars or your home safely and without causing damage that can be costly to repair. We can also help with new locks or lock re-keying if necessary so can feel safe and secure in your home if it looks like your keys are lost.

Keeping all of these steps in mind the next time your house keys go missing can help you prevent the panic and may even help you locate them without help. If you are unable to find your keys, you can count on our Edmonton locksmith services from All-Lock Rescue. Contact us if you have lost your keys and can't get into your home or to learn more about the locksmith services we provide.