Posted: 1 Mar '19

How to Get Car Key Replacement When You’ve Lost Your Keys

Losing your car keys is extremely frustrating. Or maybe you didn't lose your key, but it's not working properly, and you can’t get in or start your vehicle. So, what should you do? Here's how to get a car key replacement when you've lost your keys.

Write Down All Your Vehicle's Information

Once you've found yourself in a situation where you need to replace your car keys, the first thing you should do is copy down your vehicle's entire VIN number. Your VIN number, a combination of 17 letters and numbers, is usually located on the dashboard near the driver's side of your car. You can see it through the window from the outside. If you are unable to locate your car's VIN number, it should be printed on your insurance card, which should be in your car at all times. Also, write down your car's year, make and model. You'll need all this information for your locksmith to get you an accurate car key replacement.

Call a Trained Locksmith

A trained reputable locksmith will be able to replace your car keys for about half the price it would cost at a dealership. A locksmith trained in replacing your car key has the technology and tools available to not only open your car but create a car key replacement immediately. A locksmith is also available on-call in emergency situations, so you do not have to wait in the cold, dark, or scary situation. Car key technology is always evolving, so a quality locksmith is always updating their knowledge and equipment to keep up.

Losing your car keys does not have to be the end of the world. A trained professional locksmith can have your car key replacement done quickly and accurately so that you are back in your car in no time. Be sure to give us a call in the event that you lose your keys and need a car key replacement.