Posted: 13 Oct '15

How a Locksmith Can Lower Your Insurance

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People who want something for nothing commit crimes like robbery, theft, and breaking and entering. Unfortunately it's the world we live in. For some, this reality leaves them feeling helpless. For those who take action, they can prevent such crimes, but also lower their insurance rates in the process. By calling us, your local Edmonton locksmith, we can help you select and install high security locks.

Keeping your Home or Business Safe

The latest statistics from 2014 reveal that there were 20,041 reports of breaking and entering in Alberta. So, whether it's your business, a property you manage, or your own home, there are several things you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to you. Kick-proofing doors, installing ample exterior lighting, applying safety window film, or keeping landscaping low, can all make your property more secure.

A more secure property can mean lower insurance rates. Discounts are often provided for the installation of various security equipment such as smoke detectors and alarm systems. But perhaps one of the wisest investments is to have your All-Lock locksmith install the right high-security locks for your home or business in Edmonton.

Increase your Security with Special Keys, Door Locks, Door Frame Reinforcement, and More

Commercial Cylinders: The door cylinder is the key component that protects against break-ins. With high-quality, high-tech products that are available today, your property will be more secure. The newer cylinders offer a more precise relation between the components. Multiple locking mechanisms increase security thanks to the ability of the system to provide a multitude of locking combinations. The chances that a key can be copied, or the combination tampered with are almost non-existent. Some cylinders provide the ability to change key combinations easily when needed.

Coded Security Handles:No more accidentally leaving a door unlocked. These electronic security handles contain an electromechanical locking mechanism. This means that doors automatically lock when closed and can only be opened when someone enters the correct code. These handles also help prevent 'inside' theft by securing high target areas and items at all times.

Key Management Systems:Depending on your type of business, multiple keys may need to be issued to any number of employees. Key management systems can track who uses certain keys and when. By requiring an authorized code to be released from the keyboard, employers can account for multiple keys being picked up by employees. Tracking keys reduces the risk of employee theft, lost keys, or unauthorized people from using them.

Door Frame Reinforcement: Would-be burglars and assailants like to kick in doors because they know most locks and plates aren't strong enough to withstand the force. Why? Because the wood frame surrounding the locks is often soft. Installing metal reinforcement around those locks and plates prevents this method of breaking in from being effective.

Professional, Edmonton Locksmiths from All-Lock-Rescue

You may be tempted to purchase a lock and install it yourself to save money. If the installation is faulty and a break-in occurs – will your insurance cover the loss? Rates will certainly go up. Have your professional Edmonton locksmith help you select the most effective system for your home or type of business, and have us install it to ensure it's done properly.

If you want to lower insurance rates and prevent theft, contact us and learn about our high-security lock and key systems.