Posted: 1 Sep '20

How a Commercial Locksmith Can Help You Choose the Right Safe

How a Commercial Locksmith Can Help You Choose the Right Safe

One vital safety criterion for most businesses is the installation of a safe that will help to protect pertinent documents and other valuable materials. Selecting the right safe can be time-consuming and daunting as you struggle to weave through the pros of cons of all the available commercial safes. That is why you want the help of a commercial locksmith. For all of your commercial lock and safe needs, contact us.  

The right commercial locksmith can provide you valuable insight on how to choose the right commercial safe for your business. They know the different types and which type will suit your business best.  

Types of Commercial Safes 

In broad terms, there are three main types of safes that a commercial locksmith will recommend.  

  • Fire-resistant safes that will protect your important documents, cash, and even electronics in the event of a fire.  
  • Theft-deterrent safes that will help to keep valuables safe from intruders.  
  • Composite safes are a good combination of both 1 and 2.  

How to Choose a Commercial Safe 

When a commercial locksmith helps you to pick out a safe for your business, they will look at the following criteria.  

Safe Ratings – Safe ratings come from Underwriters Laboratories. The safes are rated on their ability to resist heat and how they withstand an attempted burglary.  

Fire Safe Ratings – The ratings use three different fire temperatures at different times. What the ratings will tell you is how long it takes for the safe to reach a certain temperature when there is a fire. Each rating is classified by Class 350, keeps interior temps below 350 degrees, Class 150, which keeps the temp below 150 degrees, and finally, class 125, which keeps your valuables at 125 degrees or less.  

Theft Ratings – Theft is highly subjective, so the UL only uses its absolute best safe crackers to run this test. They measure the strength of the safe as well as how long it takes to break in with a hand tool and/or torch.  

Lock Ratings – Lock have different ratings than does the rest of the safe. There are two main types of safe locks, electronic and combination. Each lock is tested to see how long it takes to break into the safe through the lock, and the types are determined by the size of your business.  

Each of these ratings combined will give you a well-rounded picture of how good a commercial safe is, and a commercial locksmith can help you to decipher the results of the ratings.  

Pick a Commercial Locksmith 

You want the right commercial locksmith to help you with this very important piece of security. Come and talk to our team of locksmiths. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have, and help you find the best safe your business.