Posted: 10 Aug '16

The Keys to How Locksmith Services Were Born

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It's likely you don't spend a lot of time thinking about your door locks and keys until you lock yourself out of your home or car, or someone tampers or breaks one of your locks. If either of those happened today, you would simply call for locksmith services in Edmonton, but have you ever wondered how locks and locksmiths came about? It might surprise you to learn that locksmithing is in fact one of the oldest professions on record!

Dating Back 4000 Years

Can you picture yourself carrying around a large wooden key that is roughly the size of the toothbrush and is pushed up to work a lock? How about a giant lock on your door made entirely of wood? Despite popular belief that the earliest locks were small and designed to protect valuables on trading missions, crude wooden locks were found to be made in Ancient Egypt and Babylon more than 4,000 years ago. While these locks and keys were crude, they operated using pins just as many of today's locks do.

Move ahead 200 years to around 900 AD and simple locking mechanisms made of iron were introduced by English locksmiths.  These locks were bolt-style and rather than a simple key pushing upwards, were able to be opened by various key styles to push, turn or screw open. It was not long before the popularity of locks fashioned from iron and brass spread across Europe and as far east as China.

As metal work grew in popularity, so did the design of locks and keys. Early locksmiths created locks that were intricately-designed for nobles, often with family crests incorporated. Keys were also beautifully crafted to create matching sets. While the beauty of locks improved, the simple mechanisms did not. It was not until the industrial revolution that locks began to change, with the most significant improvement created by Robert Barron in 1778: the tumbler lock.

Fast Forward to Today

With the improvements and changes to how locks were made over time, duties of locksmiths also changed. The earliest locksmiths were craftsmen; they worked at creating locks and not fixing them or replicating keys. Over time, locksmithing has developed into a trade that relies on metal work, carpentry, electronics and mechanics to provide you with the services needed for today's wide assortment of locks and key styles.

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