Posted: 9 Feb '16

Hot Tips for Handling Frozen Locks

Everyone likes to talk about the weather, even your locksmith in Edmonton. With average temperatures here hovering between -3 and -9 in February and March, there is a lot to talk about. There's the ice that can form on sidewalks and bridges causing all sorts of slipping and sliding. Then there are also the frozen locks and car doors that can put a chill on your daily routine.

A locksmith in Edmonton has many duties, from copying and replacing keys, installing lock systems for homes and businesses, to helping people when they're locked out of their house or car. Another duty is to inform and assist folks with as much helpful information regarding locks and doors as possible. That is why we offer these “hot tips” for dealing with icy situations.

Frozen Locks

The best way to prevent frozen locks is to engage in a routine when cold weather first hits. Roughly once a week, you can dip your key into Vaseline, put it into the lock and turn back and forth several times. This helps keep the inner portion lubricated. This will also melt a lock that is slightly frozen. If you haven't been preemptive and discover that your lock has frozen overnight or while you were at work, spray some de-icer into the lock. It’s a good idea to keep this stuff in your garage or office desk during winter months.

If you don't have any of these wonder solutions, then your locksmith in Edmonton has the next best suggestion – heat up your key. A simple lighter or book of matches will do, just remember to hold the key with an oven mitt, thick gloves, or even a pair of tongs. Once the key is warm, insert it into the lock and it should melt any ice.

If you take all of this advice and it doesn't seem to be working after trying the lock a few times, do not force it or you'll wind up with a broken key. If that happens, call an emergency locksmith in Edmonton for rescue.

Frozen Car Door

While you'd think your locksmith in Edmonton would have some fancy, high-tech advice for dealing with a frozen car door, think again. This tip comes straight from the kitchen. If you want to prevent your car door from freezing, spray the door frame with some cooking spray. If you can’t manage treating your car door like your pots and pans and the door freezes up – don't try to force it open because doing so could damage the seal around the door. Instead, use the palms of your hands while wearing gloves and hit the ice with your flattened hand to break it up. If all else fails, grab a blow dryer and an extension cord and get to work.

The Warm and Fuzzy Side

It should warm your heart knowing that you won't be frozen out of your car for long if you use these tips provided by your best locksmith in Edmonton. If you should experience any difficulties finding a solution to the problems above, or if you are in need of other assistance – contact us and we will gladly come help. We can talk about the weather while we're at it.