Posted: 7 Dec '16

Tips from Pro Auto Locksmiths About Car Locks During the Winter

Auto Locksmith in Edmonton form All-Lock Rescue

'Tis the season for cold weather and if the last few winters are any indication of the weather we're in for, there will be plenty of frozen car locks out there. Our pro auto locksmiths in Edmonton at All-Lock Rescue thought they would try to help you avoid the frustration of car locks freezing on you and hopefully prevent some of the damage that can happen if it does.

Top Reasons That Cause Frozen Car Locks

Edmonton winters are pretty unpredictable at times. We'll get a beautiful, sunny day after several days of freezing weather and think maybe we're in for a bit of a warming trend. On these days, you've probably seen lineups at car washes as people rush to wash the dirt off of their vehicles. While it's a good idea to get rid of the salt as much as possible from your car, this can also lead to frozen car locks! When water seeps into your locking mechanism during the car wash, once you start driving again or park the vehicle, it can freeze your locking mechanism. This is one of the most common reasons auto locksmiths in Edmonton are called to help with frozen locks in the winter.

The second reason we're called to help with frozen car locks is because people have tried to perform some preventative maintenance by lubricating their locks on their vehicles. While this is good idea too, if you use a lubricant that is oil-based, it attracts dirt and debris that can freeze and jam your door locks.

Tips to Keep Car Locks From Freezing

There's no way to guarantee that you won't experience frozen locks on your vehicle at some point or other, but there is something you can do to minimize the chances. Use a lubricant that doesn't include oil to keep your locks working smoothly and free from extra dirt and debris that oils can attract. Flushing car locks with lubricant can also help rid your mechanisms of water that has seeped in. If you run your vehicle through the car wash, spray inside your locks with some de-icer. This will help get rid of water that pools inside during the process.

Handling Frozen Car Locks

If you do happen to have frozen car locks, don't try to force your key inside or try to pry anything. Plastics and even metal become very brittle in the cold and you can damage both to your locks and the mechanisms inside your car doors. Don't try the boiling water trick either since it can make the problem worse!

We hope these tips will help you prepare your car locks for winter so you avoid any freezing. If your car locks do manage to freeze this winter, contact us at All-Lock Rescue and our auto locksmiths in Edmonton will help you get into your vehicle.