Posted: 23 Feb '16

Emergency Locksmiths in Edmonton Must Be Fun Dinner Guests

All-Lock-Rescue Ltd Locksmiths in Edmonton
People love a good story. There are certain people, who by the nature of their profession, have some of the best stories around. I would imagine that if you asked a locksmith in Edmonton whether they had any juicy tales, the answer would be “yes.”

Got Locked Out: Use Your Brain

Most stories of getting locked out begin with an unexpected, often foolish, lapse of thought on the part of the car or homeowner. From people locking keys in the car to turning the locking mechanism on their door and shutting it before realizing they don't have their keys in hand, to people who jiggled that key one too many times and snapped the key in half, emergency locksmiths in Edmonton have seen it a hundred times.

So how about when someone simply isn't thinking the situation through, such as in this story:

After working a long day, a man went to his car and pressed the button on his remote and nothing happened. After repeating this several times, he finally called an emergency locksmith to say he was locked out of his car. Upon arrival, the locksmith went to work and had the door open in just moments. While in the process, he casually asked the man “So, you locked your keys in the car?” and the reply was, “No, my keys are right here, my key fob is dead.” The auto locksmith paused for a bit and proceeds to take the key ring from the man and insert a key into the door. The man had gotten so used to using the remote fob that he had forgotten that there is a key that can be used to open the door. The locksmith laughed uncontrollably for a few moments then told the customer there was no charge.

We are willing to bet the locksmith has told this story often.

Woe is Me – Locked Out Troubles

How about people with pets or children that have inadvertently locked them out? We’re sure we will all admit to dropping our keys into the trunk while loading groceries then slamming it closed. While locksmiths in Edmonton may have a rapid response, nothing can save ice cream from melting in the trunk of a car.

There are other tales of “locked out woes” that often involve people out in various stages of undress after a door locked automatically behind them, folks with food on the stove while they are stuck outside after a quick trip to pick up the mail, and people stuck in all sorts of bad weather or with an infant in a vehicle where they have just left their keys but locked the door. To these folks, a locksmith in Edmonton is a hero. They might as well wear capes and a special bodysuit.

Knowing there is someone who can come to your rescue when you've done something foolish or unfortunate is a comforting thought. They won't judge. They'll just probably talk about you at dinner.

If you want a hero you can always count on in an emergency, or when you have other security needs, contact us and we'll ride to the rescue (and we won't reveal any names).