Posted: 15 Jun '16

Assessing The Security of Your Home

Edmonton Locksmiths from All-Lock Rescue

As your Edmonton locksmith company, those of use at All-Lock Rescue want to share the importance of a security risk assessment for your home. Performing a risk assessment may sound like you're going overboard, but when you consider the value invested in collectibles and irreplaceable items such as heirlooms, unique art or jewelry items and photographs, it just makes sense. Since criminal activity can vary from stealing your belongings to property destruction, assessing potential losses and weighing them against the cost of your home security is a good idea.

A risk assessment should take into consideration the types of threats that your home can face, the type of security that can mitigate the chances of loss and an estimate of how likely a threat is likely to occur. The more realistic you are with these three factors, the more capable your home security equipment will be to protect your home and property. In conjunction with an appropriate security system, your Edmonton locksmith can help with protective measures that further deter would-be criminals.

Vulnerability Elimination

The very best in locking mechanisms for doors and windows are child's play to would-be thieves if they are not properly installed. A professional locksmith in Edmonton will assess your frames, sashes and other factors to determine the best installation for your locks to ensure vulnerability is eliminated.

Protective Measures

All entry locks on your home should be checked to ensure they are in good working order and tamper-resistant. Although it may seem obvious, you have to make sure to lock all windows in your home, regardless of what level they are on. Too often, homeowners might leave windows unlocked or even open slightly for airflow on upper floors, only to provide a criminal easy access to their homes.

Multiple Protection Styles

Combining protection devices adds layers of protection to your overall security plan. An electronic monitoring system helps deter thieves or vandals but may not be enough protection if emergency response time takes longer than ten minutes, for example. Ensuring all of your locks are tamper-proof will reduce that risk. You should also consider a home safe for items that are invaluable or irreplaceable as a third layer of protection.

Your home is an accumulation of items you love and memories you've made. Performing a risk assessment and taking appropriate measures to protect your home will ensure these hard-won items stay right where they belong. Contact us at All-Lock Rescue to have an Edmonton locksmith evaluate your locking mechanisms or to install a safe that meets your needs.