Posted: 26 Apr '16

Best Before Date: Are Your Door Locks Past Their Time?

Door Locks and Replacement from All-Lock Rescue Locksmiths in Edmonton
It's probably not something on your radar but like everything else that we use daily, locks have a limited lifespan. The door locks to your Edmonton home can wear out and our professional locksmiths here at All-Lock-Rescue want to remind you that when door locks decide to give out, it's never when there is plenty of time for a drill-out! In fact, we recommend changing your locks every five years to avoid problems.

Shiny and New to Worn Out in a Second

Chances are pretty high that the things you use everyday will need to be replaced sooner or later. Think of things like a computer that slows down and starts acting up, a smart phone that has lost its smarts or even your vehicle when it starts costing more and more to maintain. All of these items have moving parts that wear down over time, which causes them to be replaced. Have you ever considered how much use your door locks for your Edmonton home get used?

The Daily Grind

Door locks get more abuse than you might think. Every time you engage the lock or push a key in to unlock it, the fine moving metal parts are at work: grinding against each other. They are also bombarded by whatever weather gets tossed at them and are even prone to having insects nest inside. If you add up all the possible abuses a door lock could experience over a five-year period, it's surprising that locks can even last that long!

Protect Your Home and Your Sanity

Worn locks can be an invitation for your home to burglarized and the last thing you want is your humble abode being broken into over something that is so easy to prevent. You likely take home security very seriously and replacing your door locks on a regular basis is an inexpensive way to reinforce any other measures you take.

Noticed any of your locks giving you grief when your hands are full or when the weather is nasty and poor Fido is howling from inside, needing to get out in the worst way? This is a good indicator that it's time to replace your door locks before they break for good. If your key is sticking, chances are good that the tumblers are worn and once they give up on you not even a locksmith will be able to pick the lock, which mean sit will have to be drilled out and replaced. Since this a time-consuming process, chances are good it will happen when it's most inconvenient to be locked out of your home!

Don't take your Edmonton home's door locks for granted. Contact us, your professional locksmiths from All-Lock-Rescue, to learn how inexpensive proactive lock care can be, before your locks reach their "best before" date.