Posted: 13 Jul '16

Lock It Up: Door Locks for Your Home

Door Locks in Edmonton from All-Lock Rescue

Criminals are a very resourceful bunch and if your home is not protected by the proper types of locks, you might as well give them an invitation to enter your home. With such a wide variety of door locks available for your Edmonton home, it may be difficult to choose the right one.

How Thieves Get Around Door Locks

In most cases, you won't find a would-be thief simply slipping a credit card between the door jam and the door lock tongue. Today's locks are more complex, but sadly, many are not secure enough to prevent some of the following means of entry:

  • Prying open your doors
  • Using a power drill to drill out your locks
  • Windows in or on the sides of your doors may be broken so the handle can be reached
  • Kicking in your doors
  • Obtaining a copy of your key
  • Figuring out your pass code
  • Picking the locks

The last three methods will not show that your home has been entered forcefully which can lead to issues when filing an insurance claim for damaged or stolen items.

Common Types of Door Locks

The following are examples of today's most common door locks. For the ultimate in security, you should hire a professional locksmith in Edmonton. A professional can assess your doors and provide suggestions for the best door locks, as well as ensuring they are properly installed.

Knob Locks

While these locks are commonly used on bedroom or bathroom doors, they are not the best choice for outside doors. These locks can be broken by force and may be somewhat easy to pick. If you must use this type of lock, add a secondary mechanism to be more secure.

Deadbolt Locks

These locks are highly popular for door locks because they are difficult to break into and they are relatively inexpensive. Deadbolts are available in four varieties:

  • Single: single deadbolts have a turn knob on the interior side and only a keyhole on the outside.
  • Double: double deadbolts may pose some danger during an emergency as rather than a turn knob, they have only key holes on each side of the door.
  • Jimmy-proof: mounted on the door's surface, lock screws are on the inside so the lock is difficult to remove or displace.
  • Captive Deadbolts: Similar to their double counterparts, these locks have a removable turn knob that requires a key for removal.

Digital Locks

With a deadbolt mechanism inside, digital locks remove the need for keys and operate using a code, card swipe or even your smart phone.

To ensure maximum security for your Edmonton home, outdated door locks should be updated by All-Lock Rescue, your professional locksmiths. Contact us today to ensure your home has the most secure locks possible.