Posted: 15 Dec '15

Do You Need a Safe To Feel Secure?

It makes for good drama in television shows and in movies when someone is attempting to crack a safe. In reality, it makes good sense to keep valuables locked in one. Whether you're looking to keep jewelry, cash, or important documents hidden in your home or if your goal is to protect valuable or dangerous items inside your business, there's one good way to feel secure. Contact a locksmith in Edmonton about installing a home or a commercial safe.

Home Safes

When it comes to items in your home, a safe can provide an extra layer of protection from theft and could help improve your insurance rates. There is a lot to consider about what type of safe you need, its burglary rating, and the type of locking mechanism.

A good locksmith in Edmonton should be able to advise you on where to place your safe and what rating is best based on the value of the contents that will be placed inside. Remember that not all burglary safes are fireproof, so if that is a concern you should consider getting one with at least a 1 or 2 hour fire rating.

As for the lock, mechanical locks use a 3-number dial that you turn to an opening combination. If you select one with a digital lock, you will be using a push-button dial that is likely powered by batteries. While mechanical locks don't require battery power, digital locks are easy to use and allow you to make changes to the combination.

If you plan to put photos or computer data in a safe, a fire safe will not protect those items in the event of a blaze. Paper is protected, but the heat and humidity of a fire will ruin photos and data. For those items you will need a data safe that keeps the interior of the box from getting too hot. One thing to check is that there is also a fire seal on the door of the safe.

Considering that many burglars come prepared to make off with heavy items, bolting any safe to the floor is a wise idea and can be done by your locksmith in Edmonton.

Commercial Safes

If your business is one where a regular supply of cash is kept inside the building, a cash vault is a great way to protect from theft, including from employees. These small boxes are sturdy, can be bolted to the floor, and provide easy access for authorized persons. Many will have a feature that dead-locks the bolt if a forcible- entry attempt is made.

It's not pleasant to think that a burglary could happen to you, but purchasing a safe from a locksmith in Edmonton is a great way to provide added security for your valuables. Considering that most thieves know where to look, it seems that nothing is truly secure unless you have a safe.