Posted: 1 Apr '21

Common Door Lock Issues that a Residential Locksmith Can Help You With

Common Door Lock Issues that a Residential Locksmith Can Help You With

One of the main priorities you, as a homeowner, should concern yourself with is your doors' security. Keeping your valuables safe and secure starts with the locks and doors on your home. Usually, most homeowners don't pay any attention to their locks until an issue arises, and a residential locksmith is necessary.  

There are some common issues that your door and locks can experience that can be very inconvenient. Without taking care of common issues immediately, you can end up with some expensive lock repair and replacement issues down the line. Contact us for more information.

Common Lock Problems 

Here is a list of the common lock problems you may experience requiring a residential locksmith's attention.  

Broken Key

When your key gets stuck, it can break inside or outside the lock. Your key may get stuck because of a misaligned door, or the locks aren't appropriately lubricated. If your key gets stuck, you cannot force it, or it will break. It is best to get a residential locksmith to come and check it out instead of forcing the key.  

Slow Locks 

Slow door locks or stiffened ones can be the result of dirt accumulating in the mechanisms. If you happen to see that your lock is slow or you are having trouble getting the key in and out of the lock, you need to remove the dirt. An excellent way to remove the dirt is by using a cotton swab and inserting it into the lock. Make sure to use a silicone spray to lubricate the inside of the lock.  

Faulty Mechanisms 

Most issues with the doors are mechanical as they become faulty through wear and tear over the years. Old locks are also a problem because of excessive use. When you don't regularly provide maintenance to a lock, it can become defective over time. A residential locksmith should handle the mechanical problems of your locks.  

You don't want to chance to try a DIY repair method as it can make an even larger issue for you. Let the professionals handle the faulty mechanisms.  

Get Regular Inspections 

The best way to ensure that you don't end up with standard lock and door issues is by having a residential locksmith do regular maintenance on your locks. You can increase the longevity of your locks and doors through the regular visit of your locksmith. If you are looking to have your home inspected for common door lock problems, then you can get in touch with us. Our residential locksmith experts are happy to help you with any problems or questions you may have.