Posted: 1 Mar '21

Common Commercial Door Issues You May Need a Locksmith For

Common Commercial Door Issues You May Need a Locksmith For

Businesses tend to see wear and tear that will require regular upkeep. The doors of your establishment should be of top priority to you. Contact us to learn more.

Whether you are experiencing lock issues or just want to keep your door in good condition, you need to know how to upkeep them for optimal performance. Sometimes that requires the knowledge of a commercial locksmith.  

Door Issues that May Require a Commercial Locksmith 

Keeping your company door in excellent condition is essential to the security of your business. You can do some things yourself to keep your door in good condition, but for some you may require the aid of a commercial locksmith.  


The door latch is what ensures the door closes securely. Even doors that have state of the art door locks can have issues with latching. If you are experiencing latching issues, you may want to change the door handle or the locks. Check the speed that the door swings and the speed the latch takes to check the latches thoroughly.  


The hinges on your door are going to undergo a lot of wear because of constant use. Additionally, the hinges have to carry the entire weight of the door. Commercial doors are specifically very heavy. Make sure to tighten the hinges and apply lubricant to them regularly.  

The Locks

Always check your locks to ensure that they are in good working order. A key should not be difficult to get in or out of the door, and it should turn smoothly. If any of these issues arise, you may want to consider changing your locks with a commercial locksmith.  


If you open and close the door and make this loud whining noise, you will want to apply a lubricant to help alleviate the issue. It could be an issue with the hinges, the door's arm, or maybe something else.  

Checking the essential health of your commercial doors is what will ensure their longevity. Even with regular upkeep, it is going to be necessary to have the door checked by a professional. Checking the doors and the locks by a commercial locksmith regularly can give you a heads up about any possible vulnerabilities. 

Contact your Local Commercial Locksmith 

A trusted professional, such as a commercial locksmith, can tell you what needs to be done to ensure that your commercial doors are secure enough to keep your establishment protected. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We have the professional knowledge to help ensure the security of your business.