Posted: 24 May '16

Protecting Your Business with Commercial Locksmiths

Commercial Locksmith Edmonton

Your place of business houses a veritable treasure trove of salable items for thieves, from equipment, to product to data that can be sold far easier than you might think. An act of vandalism by a disgruntled ex-employee or other unstable person can cost you incredible amounts of money and time. While you may not often think of these things, they are real issues that can threaten your business. The following services of a commercial locksmith in Edmonton can protect your business against such occurrences and prevent the loss of time, money and information.

1. Re-keying Locks

When employees leave, they don't always turn in their keys as they should. It is also possible that they may have had copies made and you are not aware. This is actually a cause of a great number of thefts in Edmonton businesses. Similarly, if you rent commercial properties, there is no way to know how many keys may be out in the public and that can lead to great losses. Rather than replacing entire lock sets, your commercial locksmith can often re-key the existing ones and help you prevent greater losses due to theft or vandalism.

2. Master Key Creation

If you are a business owner, property manager or commercial rental agent, you may require access to many locks at any given time, meaning you would have an ungainly number of keys on your ring. It is possible for your commercial locksmith to create a master key so you can still have all the access you require, yet only one key. For employees and tenants, their unique keys would still be used, keeping things secure.

3. Specialty High Security Locks

There are locks designed to be especially deterrent for thieves that are excellent for areas where you may have highly confidential information, valuable inventory or any other business asset that requires extra security. Since they have so many safeguards built in, would-be thieves are likely to skip them and opt for easier locks to break into.

4. Maintenance and Operational Services

Call on your commercial locksmith to perform maintenance on your locks, push/pull bars, magnetic locks, crash bars and exit mechanisms. These are all critical to maintaining and safety and security for commercial spaces and should be checked periodically to ensure they are all in working condition.

5. Emergency Locksmith Services

Whether it be a key broken into a lock, worn tumblers that refuse to budge or a lockout, your commercial locksmith in Edmonton can help resolve the issue expediently. These unfortunate incidents always seem to happen when they're most inconvenient, so it's a good idea to program your locksmith's number into your phone so it's always at hand.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Edmonton

All-Lock-Rescue has been providing commercial locksmith services in Edmonton for more than 28 years. As business people ourselves, we understand the urgency of keeping commercial spaces safe and secure. From any of the services listed above to emergency locksmith services, we are here to help so contact us today.