Posted: 6 Jul '15

Choosing the Right Lock for your Front Door

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When choosing a lock for your front door there are many factors that can influence your decision, such as safety and security, as well as style and cost. There are many options when choosing which locks to install. This is the entry point to your home, so it’s crucial that they be the strongest and most secure.

Canadian Standards Authority

The Canadian Standards Authority (CSA) has a set of tests and procedures in place that they use to evaluate every type of door lock. These procedures lead to a grading system for locks that rate how they measure up to the standards for materials, security, and more. The grade levels are Grade One through Grade Three with Grade One being the most secure and made from the best materials. This rating is important to look for when choosing the lock for your front door. To ensure the highest level of safety, look for locks with CSA Grade One.


The most common and most secure front door lock is the deadbolt. The lock works by bolting the door to the frame. It’s referred to as ‘dead’ because it doesn't have a spring,and it has to be manually moved by either a knob or a key. There are three important parts of a deadbolt: the cylinder, the throw or bolt and the thumb turn. The throw is the length that the bolt extends from the edge of the door. To provide maximum security the throw should be at least one inch. The thumb turn allows for manual operating on the inside of the home. The cylinder is the knob that is located on the outside of the home. This should be made of steel, bronze or brass for optimum security. Strike plates are also important as they are the part that connects to the hole created in the door jamb. These should be made of stainless steel and include 3 inch screws to protect against force pushed against the door.

Advanced Locking Options

Deadbolts provide a high level of security but are still in danger of being picked by a burglar. There are several locking options that use advanced technology.

  • Fingerprint Lock – A sensor pad located on the faceplate of the lock uses the fingerprints of one or more people with access to the property. Fingerprints can be easily added and deleted.
  • Combination Lock – Buttons can be pushed on a lock with a combination that you designate and when entered correctly the door will open.
  • Remote Entry – Like many cars, a fob keyless remote sends a signal to a sensor on the door. The correct signal opens the door.

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Choosing the proper lock for your front door is an essential part of keeping your family and home safe. A professional locksmith can evaluate your current locks and recommend and install new locks. When you are in need of locks for your home services in the Edmonton area, call All-Lock-Rescue. Our team of reliable and experienced technicians will provide you with fast service that you can trust.

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