Posted: 1 May '18

Choosing the Right Burglary Resistant Gun Safe

Gun ownership comes with responsibility. One of the main responsibilities is to keep your firearms and ammunition safe and secure and out of the hands of the wrong person. The best way to do this is by keeping them in a burglary resistant gun safe. With the wide variety of makes and models of gun safes available, how do you know which is the best one for you? There are several factors to consider when purchasing a burglary resistant gun safe, but it is always wise to consult with the experienced and knowledgeable locksmiths at All-Lock-Rescue who specialize in burglary resistant gun safes. They will be able to help you choose the one that's best for you based on these factors.


Gun safes are heavy. Some even come in the excess of 1,000 pounds depending on size and shape. If your firearms are mainly long guns like rifles, you will want a tall safe which adds to the weight. Most larger safes have separate compartments for smaller handguns as well. Depending on the space you have, what floor you live on, the flooring joists and stabilizing system in your home, you may have to choose a burglary resistant gun safe based on size and weight that will accommodate your firearms and be safe for your home. Larger sizes obviously make it nearly impossible to remove from the premises by theft which is where the locking mechanism comes in.

Locking Mechanism

The type of locking mechanism you have on your burglary resistant gun safe is mostly up to personal preference, as there are many to choose from. Some prefer a simple combination lock while others prefer a lock and key system. Keep in mind that a key can always be found and used by someone other than yourself, while a combination lock makes it harder for anyone other than the owner to use. You may consider a safe with both a combination and a key where both need to be used to open the safe.

There are several factors that go into choosing a gun safe. While purchasing one online or at a large discount box store may be tempting, your safety and security should never be left to chance. Come see the professional burglary resistant gun safe experts at All-Lock-Rescue’s Edmonton location, so they can help you choose the right burglary resistant gun safe for you and your home.