Posted: 8 Mar '16

Dude, Who Locked My Car: When You Need a Car Locksmith

All-Lock-Rescue Ltd Car & Automotive Locksmiths in Edmonton
At one point or another and usually when it's most inconvenient, you'll end up locking yourself out of your car. While at one time this created a minor inconvenience and a bent clothes-hanger fished into your window to get into your car, today's technology that keeps your car safe from theft, but also prevents you from breaking in if you've lost your keys or locked them inside the vehicle. No matter how you ended up locked out of your vehicle, a car locksmith will be your new best friend.

Lockout Scenarios

There are many different ways you can end up locked out of your own car. Some of these include:

  • Losing your car keys
  • Slamming your locked door only to see your keys dangling in the ignition
  • That sudden snap when jiggling your key into a stiff or frozen lock
  • Using your car key as a tool and bending it at an impossible angle

Those are just a few examples and how it happened to you may not be covered, but you get the idea. Regardless of how it happened, the fact remains that you need to get back into your car. All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. is your car and automotive locksmith in Edmonton that can quickly help you get back into your vehicle.

Car Locksmiths to the Rescue

Although it can be embarrassing to admit you've locked yourself out of your own car, calling a car locksmith is the best way to get into your vehicle without causing damage that may be expensive to repair. The experts at All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. have the proper tools and the extensive knowledge required to get into any vehicle quickly and carefully.

If your lockout includes needing a new key for your vehicle, we have that covered too. From regular steel keys to transponder keys, we can fit you with a proper replacement so you can carry on with your business.

The Big P: Prevention

While it's easy to say that double-checking for keys before locking your car is the best way to avoid a lockout, we both know it's not that easy. Even the most careful people accidentally lock themselves out of their car at some point or another. The best way to avoid a lockout is to plan ahead. With the ability to get you replacement keys from the world's largest supplier of automotive locks and keys, All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. can hook you up with a spare set that you can keep in a safe place for whenever they are needed.

If you are faced with being locked out because you left your keys in your car, breaking your key into the lock or any other reason, look no further than All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. for a car locksmith that will have you on your way quickly. Plan ahead to avoid a lockout, contact us for an estimate on a spare key set for your car.