Posted: 1 Nov '17

Car locksmith: For Your Benefit and Theirs: Don't Lock Your Dogs in Your Car!

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Pets are a part of our families. They're little furry babies that we take care of and can't live without. We even sometimes take them with us when we're out and about. Leaving your pets in the car can be dangerous and lead to some pretty tricky situations. Leaving your car running while the pets are inside may seem like the safe thing to do, but accidents can happen that way. And leaving them inside without it running is dangerous as well. So what's the best option? Either leaving them at home or bringing a friend with you if you need to leave the car at some point is the best idea. It's best not to leave your pets in a vehicle unattended.

Extreme Temperatures

According to, on a 20-degree day, a car's inside temperature can reach 40 degrees in just 30 minutes and up to 45 degrees in just an hour. Even with the windows cracked! This could be deadly to a cat or dog. Different breeds respond to temperatures differently and could be even more sensitive. Cold weather can be just as dangerous since a car turns into a refrigerator in cooling temperatures. This situation can turn even scarier if you were to accidentally lock your keys in the car. Call 911 if your car is not running, they may advise you to call an emergency car locksmith. If the car is running with the AC or Heat on accordingly, call a car locksmith right away.

Car AC isn't reliable

You may think leaving the air conditioning or heat on while you leave your pets in the car is keeping them safe, but unforeseen things could happen. The AC or heat could break and stop working. Noxious fumes could build up in the car, and animals are more sensitive to chemicals than humans. If this has happened, make sure you call a car locksmith immediately. 

Locking Your Keys Inside

Anytime you leave your car running after exiting it, you increase your chances of locking your keys in the car. When your pets are inside, this could lead to an emergency. Be sure to call a car locksmith right away!

The best way to avoid these possible situations is to leave your pets at home. You can enjoy them in the safety of your own home when you're done running your errands. If you do find yourself if a tricky situation, call All-Lock-Rescue for a car locksmith!