Posted: 4 Jun '15

Car Key Replacement Tips

Losing your car keys or locking them in your car never comes at a convenient time. It usually means you’ll be late to work, an appointment, picking up your kids or those groceries you just bought are just sitting there melting. In these situations our first inclination is to panic or try and retrieve the keys ourselves if they are in the car. Don’t panic and don’t try and get the keys yourself. Rest easy and call All-Lock-Rescue for car key replacement in Edmonton.

Don’t Try it YourselfLocked your automotive keys in the car? Call All-Lock-Rescue for car key replacement in Edmonton.

There are times when you accidentally lock the keys in the car or the trunk. It’s the worst feeling and so frustrating when they are sitting there within your reach but not accessible. It’s tempting to get a hanger or stick and try to unlock the doors ourselves or break the window with a rock. Trying to retrieve the keys yourself can lead to chipped paint, bent frames and shattered glass making the cost and damage much higher than a replacement key. Don’t try to retrieve the keys yourself. A simple call to All-Lock-Rescue in Edmonton and we’ll aim to be to your location in less than 30 minutes and can get to your keys quickly with no damage to your vehicle.

Lost Keys

No matter how organized you are or how careful, it’s easy to lose or misplace your keys. Whether it’s in a store, at home, a restaurant or who knows where, keys are easily lost. All-Lock-Rescue can assist with all makes and models of car key replacement in Edmonton. Having your car towed to the car dealership can be not only time consuming but costly. We can provide car key replacement to you at your location for less than it would cost at the dealership. We can also provide remote programming for keyless entry.

Call All-Lock-Rescue in Edmonton

Losing your keys or being locked out of your car is extremely trying. It’s a good idea to have a couple of extra car keys just in case you ever need them. However, you are generally never around the spare when you really need them. When you are in need of car key replacement services in the Edmonton area, call All-Lock-Rescue. Our team of reliable and experienced technicians will provide you with fast service that you can trust. Contact All-Lock-Rescue for your home, auto and business lock needs.