Posted: 2 Oct '17

Car Key Cutting: Do You Have to Go to Your Dealer for a New Car Key?

Car Key Cutting

There are several reasons why you may need a new car key for your vehicle. With the technology of today, car keys aren't the simple flat metal objects of yesterday. But you may not have to go to your auto dealer to buy a new car key or get a duplicate made. Trained locksmiths try stay up to date on all of the latest key technology and are able to do most car key cutting for you. All-Lock-Rescue can take care of most of your car key cutting needs.

  • Lost Keys: It happens to the best of us, and always at the worst possible times. Don't panic. If you find yourself without your keys, call an emergency locksmith rather than your local dealer. It may save time and money.
  • Locked Out: If you're in a safe place and there are no kids or pets locked in the car in unsafe conditions, it's best to call a locksmith rather than the police. Emergency locksmiths carry special tools to open your vehicle without causing any damage. Then they can do a car key cutting for you, so you can leave one with a spouse or neighbor so you will always have access if you find yourself in a similar situation again.
  • Broken Keys: A worn out or broken key can damage your ignition or get stuck and cause costly repairs. If you've been having issues with your current key, it's time to get a replacement. A locksmith can replace your key and even remove one stuck in your ignition in most cases.

Getting new car keys is a quick and easy process when you call an experienced locksmith. Call All-Lock-Rescue for most of your car key cutting needs.