Posted: 8 Sep '16

5 Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Business Safe From Burglars

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The very design that makes your business look inviting to customers by day might be drawing the attention of burglars who skulk around under the cover of darkness. As a business owner, a break in or burglary can be devastating to your business and luckily, with the help of a commercial locksmith in Edmonton, you can protect your livelihood. Here are five steps you can take to keep your business safe from burglars.

Step 1: Shine a Light on the Situation

Darkness provides cover for would-be thieves so lighting up your business at night is an excellent deterrent. Consider having flood lights installed at all entrances to your business and be sure there is enough light inside at night that prevents intruders from being able to hide.

Step 2: Put Everything on Lockdown 

Your commercial locksmith in Edmonton can provide you with locks that are difficult, if not impossible to pick. These specialized locks operate with a pin and tumbler system containing five or more pins and usually result in a burglar forcibly entering your premises if they are determined enough. The proof of forcible entry is required by most insurance companies if you have to file a claim.

Step 3: Set Your Alarm

Alarm systems are an excellent way to keep your business safe from burglars when combined with the other tips we've mentioned. The noise will often make thieves run off and if the alarm is monitored, a response team will be sent to your business once it is confirmed that the alarm is not false.

Step 4: Is Everything Safe?

Burglars look for things that will earn them fast cash when they break into businesses. A commercial safe installed by your Edmonton locksmith can protect items like cash, data backups and cheque books safely out of reach.

Step 5: Weeding Out the Hiding Spots

If your business has shrubs that obscure the windows or structures that cover doorways, this can provide the cover needed for burglars to enter the premises unnoticed. Be sure any decorative landscaping is well trimmed so it does not make a good hiding spot for thieves. If you do have structures framing doorways, be sure they are well-lit and monitored by your alarm so it is not easy to be in them undetected.

As your commercial locksmith in Edmonton, All-Lock-Rescue can assess your business' location to determine the best locks, handles and safes to keep your business safe from burglars. Contact us to get started today and make sure that your business is protected and secure.