Posted: 16 Aug '15

Burglarproof your Home

prevent robbery and burglary with these tips from your local Edmonton locksmith
I recently read a great book written by Paul Cromwell, Ph.D, a professor of public affairs at the University of South Florida in Tampa, where he interviewed burglars about how they choose the houses they break into and the techniques they use. The book is called "Breaking and Entering" and it’s a very interesting read on what attracts and deters thieves from your home. (You can read an excerpt here)

Keep your House from Being a Target

Even in Edmonton, there is a chance that your home could be a target. There are things you can do outside your home to deter would-be thieves. Start with the landscaping around the doors and windows. Keep shrubs and flowers low so burglars can’t use them as cover when trying to figure out how to get in your home. Cromwell found that a dog doesn't necessarily keep intruders away, but their barking is sure to draw attention to the break-in. Another deterrent is a home alarm system. Have one installed and put a sign on your lawn or window so everyone knows your home is protected.

Nosy neighbours can make your house a "No Go" for a robber. If you're leaving for vacation, let the neighbours know. (More cheap and easy tips here)

Break-ins Happen Quickly

Through his research he found that burglars ransack a home quickly. On average they can be in and out of a home in five to seven minutes. They typically spend about a minute running through the house to see where the expensive stuff is located. They target the master bedroom and office—that’s generally where cash, jewelry, computer equipment, and other high ticket items will be. Don't hide things in obvious places like a sock drawer, criminals will be looking in all the usual places. Hide things in the kids' rooms instead.

Entry Points and Locks

Many times a burglar enters the home through an unsecured door or an area that was just overlooked. If you have a pet door, get rid of it. A thief could easily send a child through it and have them unlock the main door. Lots of people forget to close their garage doors and that’s an easy way in because people rarely lock the door that’s between the garage and the house.

If you have a sliding door, install a lock that goes through the door frame. Many people will put a broom handle in the track as a security measure to prevent the door from sliding. In reality, a burglar can still take the door off the track and gain entry.

Edmonton Locksmith

Insights from a burglar’s perspective can help keep your home, family, and valuables safe. With summer here and vacations in full swing, many homes are left unattended and it’s peak time for home invasions. Give us, your local Edmonton Locksmith, a call and we’ll help you update your locks: All-Lock-Rescue 780-447-5625.