Posted: 1 Jan

Be Secure in Your Choice of a Commercial Locksmith with these Questions

Be Secure in Your Choice of a Commercial Locksmith with these Questions

Choosing a commercial locksmith isn’t always an easy decision. There are many out there who are going to provide you with the information you want to hear. You will get the price points you want, the security that you are most interested in, no matter what.

Ensure that you are getting the right commercial locksmith for your organization by making sure they aren’t just telling you what you want to hear. Instead, make sure your locksmith is going to go to the distance in ensuring the safety of investments.  Call us today with all of your questions.

Questions to Ask a Commercial Locksmith

Are you a licensed locksmith?

Most areas have laws that require a commercial locksmith to have a license to operate as a locksmith. Chances are your locksmith needed to complete a training program or apprenticeship to get their license. Therefore, never work with a locksmith if they cannot produce a license.

What are your costs?

Depending on what commercial locksmith you go with, you can be charged one of two ways. You can either be given an hourly rate or a flat rate depending on the job. It is always in your best interest to ask for an upfront quote.

Are background checks standard?

You are trusting your locksmith with the security of your building. Therefore, it stands to reason that you would want to know that the people that work with your locksmith have had a background check done. Having a locksmith who has done their due diligence gives you peace of mind in your new business relationship.

Do you do access control systems?

An access control system includes things like a FOB or card reader. It is a part of a security system that some businesses prefer, and it will save you both time and money if your locksmith can do it—depending on business needs.

Can you grow with us?

When you invest the time in a locksmith, of course, you want one that will continue to serve you as you grow. Having a locksmith that knows your company can help save you time. Some locksmith companies can handle everything from a single door to an entire facility.

Find the Best Commercial Locksmith Near You

Please find out more about our services and how our commercial locksmiths can help keep your business secure by contacting us. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. Call us today!