Posted: 9 May '17

Tips From an Auto Locksmith So You’ll Never Lose Your Car Keys Again

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You're in hurry to get to work or an appointment, running late and you're finally ready to get going and then it happens, you can't find your car keys. Maybe you've finished your shopping and just want to get home after a long day and when you get to your car, your keys are suddenly missing. Here some things our auto locksmiths at All-Lock Rescue in Edmonton advise you to do so you'll never lose your car keys again.

Develop Habits with Your Car Keys

This is the single most important thing to do: develop a habit of always keeping your keys in the same spot without fail. When at home, it might be a key hanger or dish where you place your keys as soon as you get in the door. When you are out, consider attaching them to your phone the moment they are no longer in use. It's easy to leave your keys behind, but most people are very attached to their phones. Whatever you choose, be sure to make a habit of placing in the same spot every time you leave your vehicle.

Invest in a Tracking Device

Today's technology makes it easy and inexpensive to add a tracker to your keys so you always know where to find them. While they may get misplaced, your tracking device will be able to locate them and you'll be back on your way in no time. Trackers work with smartphones, so find one that is compatible and set it up to suit your needs.

Be Inventive When Hiding Spare Keys

Hiding a spare car key can save the day when your keys go missing but if you aren't careful, it can also be an invitation to thieves or your spare key could go missing as well. Don't mount a spare car key to your bumper or inside your wheel well as these are the first places thieves will look. With bumpy Edmonton roads, it's also an invitation for your spare key to bounce off and be lost forever. Instead, remove a screw from your license plate, place your key behind it and refasten the screw. It will be a little more difficult to access, but that will also be true for those who shouldn't be getting to your key.

Don't Be Afraid to Call an Auto Locksmith

When you're stressed out and can't find your car keys, call an auto locksmith. Our locksmiths at All-Lock Rescue will make sure you get into your vehicle safely and without any damage, so you can be on your way. For expert auto locksmiths in Edmonton, contact All-Lock Rescue today!