Posted: 1 Apr

5 Reasons to Call a Residential Locksmith

5 Reasons to Call a Residential Locksmith

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to contact your residential locksmith. You may think you only need one if you get locked out of your home or vehicle, and that is the only reason. However, you might be surprised to find out there are more reasons than that. Call us today with all your locksmith questions.

 When to get a Residential Locksmith

Here are five reasons why you would want a locksmith that goes beyond being locked out.

New Home

If you buy a new home, you will want a residential locksmith to come and change the locks the day after closing. No matter who you bought it from, you don’t know if the previous owners gave out keys to people. Always change the locks on a new home.


When owning a home for rental income, you want to change the locks every time you get new tenants. The same reasoning goes for tenants as it does for buying a new home. You don’t know who has keys and if they were all returned. Therefore, when you get tenants for your home, you want to change the locks so as to ensure their safety.


Sometimes you encounter someone who doesn’t want to let you go if you experience issues with a stalker. You want a residential locksmith to help you. A locksmith can do more than change locks, and they can advise you on overall home security. Your locksmith will make sure you are safe in your home.

The End of a Relationship

If you were cohabiting with someone, a spouse, partner, room-mate, and that relationship ends, it is a good idea to have a residential locksmith come change locks. Even when a relationship ends amicably, you to take precautions by changing the locks. Surely you don’t want someone coming into your home at all hours because they forgot this or that!


If you have ever been burglarized, then don’t wait. Call your residential locksmith right away. Houses that have been targeted in a burglary will be targeted again in most cases. Therefore, you want to increase the security of your home. You shouldn’t feel unsafe in your own home, and a locksmith can ensure you are secure.

Find Out More

Not convinced you need a residential locksmith? Get in touch with us. Our expert locksmiths can help answer any questions you might have and even those you didn’t know to ask.