Commercial Locksmith Services in Edmonton

Commercial and residential locksmiths in general lead very busy lives and wear many hats. From a detective to a counselor - an experienced locksmith has probably been part of more unusual situations than you can imagine, and you can count on a locksmith for a good story over dinner. There will always be a need for an experienced locksmith - to repair and install new locks and to help those who forget how to use them.

Locks for your Edmonton Business

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of the locks that keep your business safe from intruders. It may be time to ask yourself some questions. Commercial locksmith services can help you with all of your key, lock and safe needs.

  • Have you inspected your locks lately?
  • Are they keyless entries, or do you use keys?
  • Has the Edmonton weather effected their reliability and ease of opening?

Don't wait until you can't gain access your property due to faulty locks before you do something about an inefficient lock. Or worse, don't wait until an intruder makes off with your valuables before you have your locks inspected. Maybe it's time for you to call a professional locksmith to give them a once over.

Security is a top priority for most of us. The importance of a good security lock for your business can't be overstated. You can choose a keyless entry system or a cylinder platform lock. You can even choose a lock that is activated by multiple keys in a sequence that can be re-keyed for extra protection. Technology has changed the look of many types of locks and your locksmith can show you how your property will benefit by new security locks.

Commercial Safes

Data safes. Computer media is easily damaged. It must be protected from dust, fire, water, magnetic fields and electrostatics - and, from unauthorized access. Rest assured that your data will have the ultimate protection when you install a data safe in your home or business.

Depository safe. What is more important than having a safe place to keep your cash deposits? You need a safe that is secure and unavailable to customers, unauthorized employees and intruders. Make sure the safe you purchase has steel bodies that are reinforced around the door frame for added strength and security. Protect your hard earned receivables by securing them in a safe that is specially made for your daily deposits.

Narcotic safes. Protect and secure dangerous narcotics with a safe built specifically for narcotics and other medications. Depending on the level of security required, you have several models of narcotic safes to choose from. All are clearly labeled "Narcotic Locker." A dial combination lock or digital combination are just some of the options you can request.

You can trust Edmonton's All-Lock-Rescue to give you the best recommendations and advice about whatever type of lock or safe you need for your business.

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